Genesis HealthCare Interview Questions & Tips

How Long is the Process?

Genesis HealthCare, a national leader in providing short-term and long-term rehabilitation and nursing care, looks to hire for multiple positions in the healthcare field. After the receipt of applicant information, human resources representatives contact eligible workers to schedule interview sessions. Generally taking between a week and several weeks to complete, the healthcare company interview process involves phone screenings and multiple one-on-one or panel job interviews.

Interview Questions Touch on the Industry

Phone interviews serve as prescreening conversations used to determine whether candidates advance to face-to-face interview sessions. Applicants often need to establish personal suitability for Genesis HealthCare jobs by responding to interview questions such as, "How do you think you'll like working in this type of job?" and "If you see a coworker not following healthcare protocols, how would you handle it?" Hiring managers use the interview process as an opportunity to touch on topics common to the industry, including appropriate dress to wear on the job, daily procedures, potential training, and codes of conduct. The healthcare company often makes job offers contingent upon successful completion of drug tests, background checks, and, for some positions, physicals.

Utilize Prior Experience and Dress for Success

Before interviewing, candidates should think of examples that successfully show abilities to execute the duties of the desired job. Arrive on time to all scheduled meetings throughout the interview process and greet each interviewer warmly and with appropriate enthusiasm. Dress professionally and, if possible, use helpful examples from prior employment regarding overcoming similar challenges in the workplace to impress hiring personnel to further demonstrate professional attitudes. Though it may prove possible to receive job offers on the spot, especially for entry-level candidates, successful job seekers should check back frequently with Genesis HealthCare to keep up on job status.


  • Paul Wyte says:

    I recently went on an interview for their corporate office accounting position in Kennett Sqaure, PA. First, I had a phone interview from a recruiter, then I had a “real interview” with about 5 people interviewing me and I just received a phone call today asking if I could come in to do a working interview…what ever the hell that means! They sure are making people jump through a lot of hoops for a measley 10 bucks an hour!

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