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Since the official formation of the company in 1927, Georgia Power continues to grow and serves about 2.4 million homes and businesses. As part of the continuously expanding power industry, the supplier seeks career-oriented individuals to fill salaried and entry-level positions.

Facts About Working at Georgia Power

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Georgia Power?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Support Specialist, Equipment Operator, Building Services Technician, Substation Electrician, Laboratory Technician, Secretary, Utility Person, Auditor, Combustion Turbine System Operator, Business Analyst, Electrical Engineer, Emergency Planning Coordinator, Financial Analyst, Fleet Parts Specialist, Fuel Procurement Agent, Human Resources Business Consultant, Human Resources Solutions Manager, Information System Analyst, Power Generation Engineer, Protection and Control Field Services Engineer, Quality Assurance Systems Analyst, Research Engineer, Security Manager, Attorney, Substation Design and Support Engineer

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Georgia Power Job Opportunities

The company takes pride in value, reliability, service, and stewardship. With about 100 years of service, Georgia Power holds a reputation of efficiency and affordability with loyal customers. Individuals committed to upholding the same ideals may receive preference during the hiring process. Interested candidates must stand at least 18 years of age to gain consideration for jobs, as many positions may prove dangerous in some way. Additionally, employment with the power supplier often requires formal education, training, strong computer skills, and basic understanding of the industry. Demonstration of such abilities may also afford candidates favor for hire. College students interested in breaking into the field maintain the option of applying for internships.

Job prospects without qualifications retain career options, as well. Georgia Power commits to full- and part-time staff members by cultivating work environments where every voice counts and employee growth stands pivotal. The power supplier offers various mentoring and job-shadowing opportunities for employees and interested candidates who desire education and training. Employee councils and resource groups allow staff to voice opinions and offer ideas on company policy as well as create a safe space for minority groups within the company. Diverse and innovative individuals fare well during the screening process. Energetic and passionate individuals able to establish a desire to learn often catch the eye of hiring personnel.

Georgia Power Positions and Salary Information

As the company favors retaining employees, Georgia Power must routinely replace individuals preparing for retirement. To maintain the reputation of reliability, the company needs dedicated individuals to staff positions, especially the following most readily available jobs:

Meter Mechanic

  • Though individuals may receive hire without certification, meter mechanics stand required to pass the Construction and Skills Trade Test and obtain a commercial driver’s license upon hire.
  • The position demands extensive travel through a designated region, and interested individuals should remain prepared to work several hours of overtime and during unpredictable hours.
  • The basic duties of a meter mechanic include inspecting meters for issues and inefficiencies, recalibrating equipment when necessary, performing routine maintenance, and occasionally interacting with customers to discuss meter readings and issues.
  • As such, candidates for the position should possess satisfactory customer service skills and the ability to interact amiably with a diverse set of individuals.
  • Meter mechanics garner hourly wages of about $12.00.

Customer Service Representative

  • Individuals filling customer service representative positions take responsibility for customer satisfaction.
  • Job prospects with open availability receive preference during the hiring process, as the nature of the position requires someone remain available to clientele around the clock.
  • Pay for customer service representatives generally stands around $14.00 or $15.00 an hour.
  • Regular responsibilities of the job include assisting customers through electrical issues, fielding emergency inquiries, and answering any billing or collections inquiries.
  • Candidates possessing working knowledge of the industry, excellent communication skills, and proven customer service skills make ideal candidates for the job.
  • Additionally, individuals able to fluently speak more than one language prove valuable.

Tips For Applying

Available jobs with the power supplier remain available on the Georgia Power parent company website. In order to apply for positions, interested candidates must create a profile with the hosting platform sponsored by Southern Company. To complete the process, users must upload current resumes. Before posting, individuals should review resumes for accuracy and to update information as necessary in order to showcase any relevant experience.

Application Status

Most employers do not possess the time necessary to answer all job applications. Hiring personnel at Georgia Power tend to take about four to six weeks to respond to qualified candidates. If individuals desiring responses do not hear back within two months of submitting an application, calling or emailing to ask about the status of an application remains an option. When executing either method of inquiry, applicants should remain polite and professional at all times.

Benefits of Working at Georgia Power

Many Georgia Power employees work as part of unions and should expect regular raises. Additionally, most staff members stand eligible for extensive employment benefit packages, which include medical coverage encompassing vision, dental, and dependent care. Tuition reimbursement, childcare options, carpools, discounts on gym memberships, performance bonuses, paid time off, and holiday leave exist, as well. Eligible employees may also qualify for retirement benefits, such as enrollment in company-wide 401(k) retirement plans, as well.

More Information on Georgia Power

Since 1985, Georgia Power provides an option for individuals working through economic distress by way of a program called Project SHARE. Customers of the company may choose to donate one, two, five, or 10 dollar increments of every bill, which the power supplier matches per donation. Individuals wishing to make a one-time donation instead of a monthly installment maintain the option, as well. Donated money stays in the county where individuals live, so customers utilizing the service help neighbors. Project SHARE raised over $60 million since the implementation of the program.


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