Georgia Power Job Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for Available Employment Opportunities

The process to gain employment with Georgia Power proves streamlined and simple. Most workers spend no more than a week going through hiring procedures. Face-to-face panel interviews represent common interview formats used to screen workers. The power company also implements employment tests, usually for entry-level customer service positions, to better determine abilities and fits for any positions desired. After completing required employment tests, entry-level applicants participate in phone interviews and then move on to in-person interviews. Field electricians, managers, and other technical workers generally receive immediate invites to participate in hiring sessions onsite after formal review of applicant information.

Importance of Working in a Community

The Georgia Power hiring process routinely looks at how candidates fit with company values and the requirements of available positions. Workers must demonstrate keen interests in safety, teamwork, innovation, and customer service to gain employment. The power company also looks to hire individuals with outward-thinking, community-oriented personalities. The company operates under the motto, "A Citizen Wherever We Serve." Individuals must exemplify community stewardship. Use each interview to detail community outreach efforts or past jobs related to community involvement. Former candidates cite the interview process as featuring more conversational dialogue rather than strict adherence to traditional question-and-answer formats. Applicants should arrive early and prepared in professional attire with relaxed yet confident demeanors. Showing interest in moving up in the company also benefits workers greatly.


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