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Gloria Jean's pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Gloria Jean’s Application

Coffee shop jobs feature historically interpersonal responsibilities, such as interacting with patrons, communicating with coworkers, and dealing directly with suppliers. Individuals in the running for employment with Gloria Jean’s often benefit from the face-to-face meetings necessary to hand in printable versions of the application form. After filling out the documents and checking for accuracy and clarity, workers must visit locations on site and personally hand the forms over to hiring personnel. Candidates may take advantage of the opportunities to talk at length about positions for hire, general workplace expectations, pay rates, employment benefits, and any other aspects of the coffeehouse industry. Asking questions and engaging managers in open conversations regularly demonstrates additional commitment to the success of the franchise.

How to Fill out the Gloria Jean’s PDF Application

An easy-to-navigate set of forms, the Gloria Jean’s printable PDF arranges information from left to right, top to bottom. Applicants respond to questions surrounding personal contact details, employment histories, academic backgrounds, availability, positions desired, and related skills and abilities. Individuals should note minors stand prohibited from gaining employment without the proper permits issued by state and/or local governments. Print clearly, use professional shades of ink (blue or black), and completely whiteout mistakes. Reprint the documents, if necessary. Place the date at the head of the form.

Applicants enter basic contact information into the first section of Gloria Jean’s hiring forms. Beginning with last names first, middle initials, and then first names, workers divulge Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, aliases (if applicable), and indicate age above or below 18 with Yes or No responses. Minors must mark ability to obtain work permits, if required. Stipulations may vary by location.

“Employment Desired”
Data fields for positions desired, expected pay rates, preferred locations, sources of hearing about the employment opportunities, and first available start dates appear in the second segment of the printable application. Individuals must provide required details in full and then check off on willingness to work weekends and holidays.

A large chart takes up most of the Availability section and provides individual boxes for workers to list schedule preferences corresponding to each day of the week. List the hours from the earliest times available to the latest times daily. To the right of the chart, applicants respond to questions about total number of hours desired weekly, interest in part-time or full-time employment, and specific shift preferences, i.e. days, nights, or weekends, if applicable.

“General Information”
The General Information portion of the PDF document primarily examines candidate backgrounds with the chain of coffeehouses. Beginning with a question about past application submissions or employment with Gloria Jean’s, the hiring forms move on to ask about friends or relatives employed by the coffee shop, and criminal convictions. Former employees must list the specific locations and dates employed as well as reasons for leaving and past supervisors. Blank spaces for the names and locations of friends or relatives appear in the section, as well. The inquiries into criminal convictions comprise the final portions of the General Information category in addition to questions about candidate abilities to perform essential functions of positions desired without serious assistance or accommodations and a specific question about cash-handling experience.

“Educational History”
Beneath two rows of data fields reserved for the names, locations, courses of study, years completed, and types of degrees or diplomas for high schools and colleges attended sits a straightforward question asking applicants, Yes or No, if currently enrolled in any academic institutions. Another set of checkboxes prompts job hopefuls to indicate day- or night-class participation.

“Identification Requirements”
A single prompt appears in Identification Requirements regarding right to work in the United States. Applicants must mark Yes or No to the ability to prove right to work if required.

“Employment History”
Workers must provide detailed information for all jobs held within the last five years. The hiring form offers spaces for up to three previous employers; however, individuals may attach separate sheets of paper to the documents in order to fully explain employment backgrounds. Starting with current jobs or most recent positions held, aspiring Gloria Jean’s associates list company names, addresses, and former supervisors, supervisor telephone numbers, specific job titles, reasons for leaving, and provide consent for the coffee shop to contact the individuals employers. Boxes also appear for beginning and ending pay rates and work dates.

The printable form closes out the Employment History section with spaces for applicants to share details about significant gaps in work over the last five years. Periods of more than three months should appear in the documents. Applicants must list the dates and primary uses of the time off.

“Drug and Alcohol Policy”
A section requiring no specific action from candidates, the Drug and Alcohol Policy segment of the document details general expectations the coffeehouse places on new-hires regarding controlled substances.

“Please Read and Sign Below”
Waivers detailing the rights of applicants involved in the dissemination of personal information and the rights of workers upon hire appear in legal statements at the end of the documents. Job hopefuls must sign off certifying the information provided represents individual character traits and abilities to the best of personal knowledge. Once signed, the applications become legal contracts. Individuals must also provide the date.