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A mid-1960s concept, Gold Star Chili maintains a sizeable presence in Ohio and surrounding Midwest states. The popular chain features both fast food and dine-in services. Applicants in search of restaurant jobs often find the schedule flexibility and opportunities for growth into professional careers in most entry-level positions highly appealing.

Facts About Working at Gold Star Chili

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Gold Star Chili?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Gold Star Chili Employment Opportunities

Gold Star Chili locations boast neighborhood diner themes. The restaurant chain sells area-staple foods, like Cincinnati chili and cheese coneys, which require teams of entry-level workers to prepare in fast and friendly manners. A majority of locations operating as part of the regional restaurant network hire consistently for part-time positions as well as full-time roles, such as manager and supervisor. Previous experience usually only serves as a prerequisite for managerial jobs. Entry-level restaurant positions available with the chain require no formal experience or other qualifications for employment consideration.

The restaurant chain encourages employees to establish sound, professional relationships with customers. Personable attitudes and extroverted behaviors generally aid prospective Gold Star Chili employees. Applicants must also show capacities for work with kitchen equipment and the safe handling of food. The hiring process usually only lasts a few days and up to a week for any available position. Workers must arrive at hiring meetings ready to demonstrate abilities immediately to ensure strong performance.

Gold Star Chili Jobs and Salary Information

Basic hiring requirements applicants must meet in order to work for the chain of chili restaurants include standing at least 16 years of age and exhibiting team-oriented and motivated personalities. A typical Gold Star Chili associates starts out as a team member and advances through proven work performance into supervisory and then managerial roles. The list below contains a breakdown of positions readily for job seekers:


  • One of the most accessible position available with the restaurant chain, cashier jobs require no formal experience for employment consideration.
  • The average day of a cashier consists of ringing up purchases, interacting with customers, and ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • During busy rushes, cashiers may need to assist line cooks with job duties.
  • Additional work responsibilities include taking out trash, wiping down tables, and assisting with opening and closing procedures, as needed.
  • The entry-level employment opportunity pays minimum wage at the start, with experienced cashier workers earning around $9.00 per hour.

Line Cook

  • Gold Star Chili restaurants prepare food in an assembly line fashion.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work quickly and in tandem with other cooks in order to prepare meals promptly and accurately.
  • The job primarily involves the use of large, commercial stovetops, grills, and ovens.
  • Associates must maintain sanitary working conditions at all times and exercise excellent personal hygiene in order to gain hire.
  • The fast-paced job opportunity usually offers minimum wage as a starting pay.
  • Line cooks may move into higher hourly pay rates over time, with wages reaching in up to $10.00 an hour.


  • Full-time job seekers regularly find work as supervisors and managers.
  • The main objective of managerial and supervisory positions remains ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • In addition to highly organized and dedicated personalities, managers and supervisors must also demonstrate likable and outgoing traits.
  • Supervisors often take on lower-level organizational tasks, like scheduling workers, motivating employees, assigning responsibilities, and maintain relations with customers and associates alike.
  • Managers tend to administrative, sales, and marketing responsibilities, like analyzing and reporting profits, ordering supplies, and communicating with the company’s corporate offices.
  • Supervisors may work part-time or full-time schedules, while restaurant managers usually assume full-time roles.
  • Hourly pay for supervisors falls between $9.00 and $10.00, on average.
  • Annual salary options for managers hover around $30,000.

Tips For Applying

Boasting an online presence, Gold Star Chili allows job seekers to fill out job applications in store and online. Applicants must pick up paper copies of required hiring forms, complete the documents, and return the information to assigned personnel or download the document from the Contact Us page found on the company website in order to receive employment consideration. Job hopefuls should apply online or fill out the forms with as current information as possible. For hard copies, applicants should write legibly with a blue or black ink pen. Illegible job applications may receive dismissal from applicant pools.

Application Status

The best way to check the status of an outstanding job application form includes visiting the location of desired employment. Applicants may contact hiring personnel via telephone to check on job status, as well; however, in-person visits may demonstrate stronger desires to work for the chain and provide opportunities to showcase friendly and personable traits. Most applicants receive consideration for interviews within a few days of submitting the required employment materials. The entire hiring process often wraps up within two weeks’ time.

Benefits of Working at Gold Star Chili

As a franchised entity, Gold Star Chili offers qualified workers varied job benefits packages. Initial work benefits redeemed upon hire include flexible options for scheduling, competitive base pays, lucrative salary rates, team-oriented work environments, and paid training. Eligible employees regularly access:

  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Healthcare options as well.

More Information on Gold Star Chili

Gold Star Chili sells the unique menu creations served in restaurant at participating grocery stores throughout the U.S. Patrons who enjoy the chilis and other popular dishes served by the chain may purchase these items, canned and in boxes, for indulgence at home. The company website also offers recipes consumers may use to aid in the preparation of the boxed and canned menu items. Recipes include hybrid creations and play on existing menu items along with entirely new recipes using other name brand foods.

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