Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Application PDF

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Golden Spoon pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Golden Spoon Application

Frozen yogurt chain Golden Spoon offers a healthy alternative to ice cream treats and provides a great place for individuals seeking part-time or full-time jobs in the restaurant industry. Job seekers may print out application forms to hand in at stores located throughout the western United States. By printing out application forms at home, individuals may take all the time necessary to answer the questions before handing the forms in to hiring managers.

Job seekers print out the single-page application and either fax the form to desired Golden Spoon locations or bring the form to a store manager in person. Friendly personalities and good customer service skills stand paramount in the restaurant industry, so the chance to showcase such qualities proves extremely valuable. Making in-person visits to hand in applications gives applicants chances to meet staff members and store managers face-to-face and kick off the hiring process with good first impressions.

How to Fill out the Golden Spoon PDF Application

Print the application form on standard-sized paper and make an effort to write legibly using a pen with blue or black ink. After making a mistake, print off a new form instead of trying to scribble out the wrong answer. Take all the time necessary to complete the document and answer each question truthfully.

“Store & Position Preferences”
At the top of the application form, candidates must write down desired store locations and positions.

“Contact Information”
Fill out basic personal contact information such as name, address, phone number, and email address.

“Legal Questions”
Candidates must answer Yes or No to a few legal questions regarding right to work in the United States, citizenship, and previous felony convictions.

“Referral Source”
Candidates should indicate sources for hearing about job openings at the frozen yogurt chain, such as help-wanted ads or current Golden Spoon employees.

In the Schedule section, candidates must indicate age. If under 18, mark intentions to apply for student work permits. Give details on any school work programs attended in the past, and write in a desired starting salary as well as the number of days and hours desired per week. Follow up by listing hours available to work throughout the week on a little chart. Candidates should also indicate any upcoming days unable to work due to sports, family functions, or other prior engagements.