Gold’s Gym Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Gold's Gym

The Gold's Gym interview process tends to vary in format according to the type of position sought. Prospective sales and membership associates typically go through a single, face-to-face interview overseen by a hiring manager one-on-one. For aspiring fitness instructors and personal trainers, on the other hand, the interviews serve more as auditions, with candidates often interviewing more than once during the hiring process. Regardless of the position desired, interviewees should be intimately familiar with the prospective job duties and the nationwide chain of gyms before meeting with hiring officials.

Typical Interview Questions

Hiring managers use common Gold's Gym interview questions, such as, "Why do you want to work here over other gyms?" and "Describe a problem you faced at your last job; how did you handle it?" when evaluating both sales associate and trainer or instructor candidates. Applicants interviewing for sales associate jobs often field additional queries testing customer service skills and poise in difficult situations. Potential fitness instructors and trainers regularly encounter further questioning as well, with inquiries like, "What inspires you to teach/train others within the field of fitness?" and "Can you give me some examples of how you helped someone achieve his/her fitness goals?" often proving standard.

Certifications May Prove Necessary

While prospective sales associates typically finish the hiring process after interviewing once, personal trainer and fitness instructor positions require interviewees to further demonstrate skills. Interviewers commonly gauge the skills of fitness instructor hopefuls by having applicants teach part of a class. For personal trainer jobs, hiring managers often present a list of foods and ask candidates to categorize the listed items by type. Aspiring personal trainers frequently have to lead simulated training sessions and health assessments during Gold's Gym job interviews, as well. In addition to successfully navigating the interview process, candidates eligible to receive job offers need to pass background checks and have the proper certifications, including CPR and first-aid.


  • Ayodele Babalola says:

    I am attending an interview next week Monday (20/11/2013) as Gym Manager. Kindly help me with likely questions and how to answer the questions. I am a physical educationist with coaching experience of 15 years in both tertiary and secondary institution majoring in soccer coaching and little of fitness exercise experience.

    Thank you.

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