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GoodLife FITNESS maintains a network of more than 300 locations across Canada and employs over 13,000 associates. Job seekers may easily find enjoyable work, as the fitness company boasts a growing club membership of more than a million members.

Facts About Working at GoodLife FITNESS

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at GoodLife FITNESS?)

Available Positions: Fitness Advisor, Customer Service Representative, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Registered Massage Therapist, Fitness Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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GoodLife FITNESS Employment Prospects

As a major operation, GoodLife FITNESS competes with top fitness gyms in North America. Extensive facilities and health programs available present a range of positions available for interested fitness employment hopefuls. Corporate career paths persist in addition to an abundance of entry-level jobs. Individuals seeking experience in the fitness industry may even gain skills by applying for volunteer positions. The company regularly hires on motivated candidates dedicated to fitness and personal wellbeing. Due to increased expansion into new markets, jobs such as fitness trainer, janitor, and customer service representative remain available on a consistent basis.

Part- and full-time positions exist for seasonal, temporary, and permanent employment seekers. Beginning with desirable salary packages, the company offers employment benefits like desirable work hours and relaxed environments. As the Canadian health club operates every day of the week, associates may expect to assume weekend shifts before gaining senior roles featuring more traditional scheduling. Most clubs remain open for 24 hours and peak times occur outside typical nine-to-five workdays. Hiring managers also prefer candidates who display hardworking attitudes and dependable work ethics. Past fitness experience qualifies applicants for many jobs within club locations; however, lack of work experience may not disqualify applicants from receiving serious hiring consideration.

GoodLife FITNESS Jobs and Pay

Employment hopefuls must stand at least 16 years of age to work for GoodLife FITNESS. Employees must obtain CPR certifications within 3 months of employment. First Aid and AED certifications also prove necessary for most available positions. The following jobs remain regularly available for qualified applicants:

Customer Service Representative

  • Also called motivators, customer service representatives encourage members to meet goals, welcome patrons in courteous fashions, and provide excellent guest services.
  • Computer and math skills remain important for operating cash registers and ringing up sales.
  • Additional duties consist of booking appointments and maintaining cleanly work environments.
  • Employees undergo continuous training to keep customers informed of health trends.
  • Prior knowledge of fitness proves desirable for customer service representatives; however, the health chain often hires applicants seeking enriching learning experiences.
  • Pay begins around $10.00 an hour.


  • On average, general manager salary options sit around $50,000 annually.
  • The salary packages include base pay as well as commission.
  • GoodLife FITNESS prefers managers to possess post-secondary degrees and previous managerial experience.
  • General managers hire new employees, institute marketing campaigns, and disseminate work plans.
  • Support managerial staff usually earn around $30,000 a year.
  • Depending on rank, support staff take on general manager responsibilities in addition to enforcing policies on the floor.
  • Additional duties may include creating worker schedules, calming irate customers, and assisting coworkers as needed.

Tips For Applying

Applying for GoodLife Fitness positions remains easy with the online job portal. While paper applications prove useful for initial contact with hiring managers, aspirants applying online may select multiple positions at varying locations within minutes using the online form. The website requires candidates to create user profiles and go on to provide personal information required for hire. Applicants who research the company fare well in making first impressions and often move on to interviews. Although gyms present casual dress environments, applicants should wear appropriate clothing to impress hiring managers.

Application Status

Job seekers may check on the statuses of applications by accessing previously created accounts on the job website. If candidates receive no contact regarding applications within a week, the prospective associates should follow up via phone calls or emails to accelerate the hiring process. Candidates wishing to accomplish follow ups in person may achieve on-the-spot interviews if conducted outside peak hours. Usual hiring practices set a standard of about three weeks before managers notify applicants of job offers.

Benefits of Working at GoodLife FITNESS

Job benefits may vary depending on eligibility, though free access to fitness facilities remains available for employees, regardless of status. Family members may also receive discounted rates. Healthcare packages often prove accessible for senior employees. Further health-related work benefits include various fitness programs. 401(k) retirement plans also become available with tenure. GoodLife FITNESS employees accrue generous paid time off options, including vacation and sick days, as well.

Further Details about GoodLife FITNESS

The Canadian chain of health centers reaches out to the youth with the goal of providing every child opportunities to live fit and healthy lifestyles. To date, over $1 million in donations for more than 80 organizations benefit nearly 200,000 children. GoodLife FITNESS ensures every dollar donated to the GoodLife Kids Foundation actually reaches programs for the children. In addition to monetary donations, the company donates time and effort into teaching children how to maintain health-conscious lives. The programs focus on eating well and physical exertion, while also emphasizing the importance of fun.

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