Goodwill Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Goodwill

The Goodwill interview process starts with management contacting a potential hire after managers review the application. Fitting candidates are brought in to the store to go over interests and what they could bring to the team.

The Interview

Ideal Candidates

Characteristics of job seekers include the ability to keep up in a busy work environment, staying on task, keeping a positive attitude, and must be able to follow instructions. Individuals with flexible work availability and punctuality are ideal candidates for hire at Goodwill.

During the Interview

For the hiring process, management will conduct a phone interview first. If hopefuls seem to be a good fit for Goodwill, job seekers come in store for an interview. The meeting involves a sit down with a member of the management team.

What to Expect

Interview Questions

The questions that hiring managers may ask depends on which position a candidate shows interest in. Managerial roles will have more in depth questioning, while entry-level applicants will have interviews lasting 15 minutes. Examples of questions that Goodwill interviewers may ask :

How to Dress

What to Wear

Clothing choices are important when leaving a good first impression during the Goodwill interview. Dressing appropriately along with keeping personal hygiene creates a professional image. Dressing in a business professional manner with skirts or slacks is a great start.

After the Interview

Final Steps

The Goodwill interview ends with notification on a potential hire’s employment status. Hopefuls hear back from management typically within two weeks. Dress requirements and schedules are a topic of discussion once a new hire becomes a team member. The dress code for Goodwill workers is casual. Jeans and a simple top will do.

Goodwill Stock Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Goodwill Employee: My job title was zoning, which was going through the area, up and down the aisles, to make sure everything was in order. The clothes had to be in the same color, had to be in the same section, like a section of black pants, a section of red pants, a section of red shirts. Everything had to be the same color. Everything had to be in order. You couldn’t have a yellow shirt with a black shirt. As far as things you set around your house, they had to be neat. We had to dust everything. Things that they had set out, you basically had to make sure were presentable and was clean and tidy before the customers came in.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Goodwill Employee: I wasn’t really dealing with the customers. I would have to come in before the store opened and help them get the stuff off the trucks. Things people had donated, I would have to get them off the trucks, put them in the store basically where they told me to put it. So, I wasn’t really dealing with customers, I was dealing with the other workers.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Goodwill Employee: That I could be at work on time and basically just do what they asked me to do.

More Goodwill Interview Videos:


  • ashley says:

    i live in fremont,ne and there is a goodwill there and i have always wanted to work there but instead i got shiped to pine ridge job corps in chadron,NE and i am wanting to find a job so i can leave and come back home to work

  • sabrina says:

    •What to expect at the Goodwill interview
    You should expect at least a one on one interview with the department manager, if not the department manager, store manager and assistant manager.

    •What should I bring to the Goodwill interview?
    A copy of your resume
    Your drivers license and social security card
    Dress business casual

    •What questions do they ask?
    You will be asked simple questions like “what did you do at your previous jobs”, “if you had unlimited amounts of money and didn’t have to work what would you do with it and your time”, “What are 2 weaknesses that you have (i.e. can’t talk infront of crowds, dwell on the past, etc.), “What are positive qualities about yourself”, “If we needed you last minute would you be able to come into work?”

    •What should I wear, or how should I dress for an interview at Goodwill?
    Business casual (nice slacks, skirt or dress. Nice dress shirt and shoes)

    •What education level (high school or college) is required for the job?
    High school

    •What should you say about certain questions?
    You are eager to work, take notes, you’re organized, you like to volunteer (if you have in the passed now is the time to say it), you like to work over time

    •For restaurants, do you get free food (sandwich, burger, drinks, etc) or lunch if you work there?

    •How much do they pay? Will they ask about salary expectations, if so what should I say?
    Around minimum wage. Right now it is $8.00 for sales floor/cashier

    •Does Goodwill drug test?

    •Is it hard to get the job?
    If you’re honest no. It may take a couple weeks to hear something back though.

    •How to manage second interviews?
    They will pretty much ask you the same questions. They do call references!

    •When to expect a call?
    If you don’t hear within 7 days then call and check on the status of your interview

  • Patricia Montique says:

    These interviews were very helpful to me. They were very informative especially seeing that I have an interview with Goodwill tomorrow. Thank you

  • Lisa says:

    This was helpful to me.I’m waiting to hear back from my interview.I will relax and understand that this is a process. I am looking forward to working there!

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