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Based in Akron, OH, Goodyear began in 1898. Named the company after Charles Goodyear, famous inventor of vulcanized rubber, the premier automotive company generates annual sales exceeding $15 billion, which results in labor performed by thousands of part-time and full-time employees.

Facts About Working at Goodyear

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Goodyear?)

Available Positions: Service Clerk, Maintenance Technician, Mechanic, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Alignment Specialist, Alignment Technician, ASE Technician, Auto Technician, Business Analyst, Category Analyst, Tire and Lube Technician, Commercial Sales Representative, Commercial Tire National Account Sales Specialist, Commercial Tire Sales Representative, Commercial Tire Service Technician, Consumer Sales Squad Team Member, Customer Advisor, Field Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst

Printable Application: Yes. Print Goodyear application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Goodyear Job Opportunities

Spanning nearly six continents, the global tire producer maintains more than 67,000 jobs. Since earning the title in 1916, Goodyear continues to rank amongst the leading tire companies in the world. Locations across the United States include innovation centers, racing ties, chemicals, tire proving grounds, and airship operations. Everyday drivers to commercial truckers enjoy access to approximately 1,200 tire and auto service outlets offering products and repair services. Talented and committed associates secure future success for the company by contributing to established missions. Top-notch facilities allow workforces to flourish with amenities such as fitness centers, bicycle storage, cafes, and iPad kiosks. The expansion of the company allows for continuous employment opportunities.

Goodyear fosters environments where employees may achieve goals and reach full potential in careers. To create inclusive workplaces, the company values wide arrays of skills. Individuals should feel welcomed and appreciated based on unique perspectives and backgrounds. Centered on shared experiences and characteristics, workers unite through employee resource groups such as Goodyear Black Network and Women’s Initiatives in Leadership. The company also commits to military veterans and recent college graduates. Nearly 44 percent of non-U.S. associates hold upper-level positions. Entry-level and professional candidates explore opportunities in accounting, corporate, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, sales.

Goodyear Positions and Salary Information

Applicants over the age of 18 years old generally qualify for employment. However, some candidates must stand over 21 years of age. Most positions request job hopefuls to possess valid driver’s licenses and clean driving records. Drug and background tests often follow successful interviews. Certain openings may find personality tests helpful in determining successful workers, as well. Competitive wages and exceptional job benefits create large applicant pools. Individuals should show interest in customer service, the automotive and tire industry, or sales to secure opportunities. Aspirants seeking entry-level work may apply to the following job titles:

Customer Advisor

  • Advisors earn pay rates of $11.00 to $13.00 an hour by generating sales and assisting customers.
  • Generally, candidates should possess six months of previous experience either with selling products or in customer service.
  • Communication with customers, associates, and management must always remain professional.
  • The ability to communicate in person and over the phone while persuading clients to make correct purchases helps to generate company sales.
  • Staff members should also understand financial impacts of pricing, discounting, and profit margins.
  • Customer advisor positions place physical demands on employees, such as standing, walking, kneeling, crouching, and lifting up to 60 pounds. Occasionally, lifting, pulling, and pushing over 60 pounds may prove necessary.

Sales Representative

  • Selling new and retreaded tires, sales representatives promote services and products through Goodyear Tire and Service Center locations.
  • While consciously representing the company, employees actively seek new customers and uphold rapports with former and returning patrons.
  • Workers utilize warehouse inventory systems to assist with the needs of patrons.
  • Assigned sales objectives establish requirements and goals, as well.
  • Staff members must take initiative and work without direct supervision.
  • Individuals interested in sales should possess one year of relevant experience and valid driver’s licenses.
  • Salary packages start at $34,000 a year with the ability to earn commission.

Automotive Service Technician

While guaranteeing high customer satisfaction levels, technicians perform automotive service repairs. Some of the duties may include:

  • Tire and wheel related services, oil changes, and vehicle inspections.
  • The ability to follow parking lot and bay navigation policies holds essential.
  • Automotive technicians may also assist with general cleaning and maintenance of workspaces and showroom.
  • Hourly wages range from $9.00 to $13.00 and allow staff members to advance into higher paying careers with training.
  • The tire manufacturer typically hires candidates with some automotive knowledge from high school courses or vocational training.
  • Individuals submitting applications need valid driver’s licenses and the ability to drive company and customer vehicles.
  • Additional requirements include the ability to use wrench and socket sets, screwdrivers, and oil filter tools.

Tips For Applying

Individuals ready to begin fulfilling careers join the online career portal to initiate the hiring process. The website allows basic and advanced searches to display openings categorized by fields, locations, and experience levels. After selecting positions, online users maintain options to apply by creating accounts, submitting LinkedIn profiles, saving or emailing jobs, or sending positions to friends. When creating profiles, candidates need to present basic contact information, previous experience, and education obtained. Profiles also allow workers to return to the interview process at a later time or even submit applications for different positions in the future.

Application Status

The Goodyear application process may become lengthy, depending on the number of candidates for each position. Wait periods may extend upward of two months before initial contact takes place. Recruiters normally reach out to candidates through emails or phone calls. Interviews take place over the phone or in person and sometimes require multiple meetings. Unqualified job seekers may not necessarily receive acknowledgement, due to the large number of applications. Potential employees display persistence by contacting hiring managers and requesting status updates. Hopefuls should always remain professional when speaking with staff.

Benefits of Working for Goodyear

Proudly established job benefits program Good Life allows employees to reap the rewards including:

  • Improved health and wellness, financial security, and professional success.
  • Whether gaining expertise at Goodyear Learning Centers or receiving tuition reimbursement, associates continue building careers through advanced education.
  • Developmental resources help workers become successful in everything from public speaking and selling to finance and product training.
  • Staff members plan for the future with 401(k) retirement plans and preventative healthcare.
  • Individuals take control of coverage by selecting from an array of medical insurance plans.
  • Other work benefits reward dedication with paid time off, including vacations, sick time, and holidays.

Miscellaneous Information about Goodyear

To reduce environmental impact, Goodyear embarks on a sustainable journey to promote stewardship for communities. The impact begins with products and carries to associates and customers. The strategy requires customers to stay informed about the safe use of merchandise and the best sustainability practices. During product design, associates reduce rolling resistance in tires to ultimately lower fuel use and costs. Employees pledge to conserve energy, minimize the use of materials, and work safely. In 2006, Zero Waste to Landfill, an initiative designed to reduce environmental impact, required factory plants to reduce, reuse, and recycle produced waste. With the goal to maintain the zero waste policy, the company also wishes to reduce the waste incinerated and used for heat recovery.

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