Goody’s Job Interview Questions & Tips

How Long Do Interviews Usually Take?

Successfully completing Goody's interviews serves as an important step in getting a job with the department store. Interviewers ask a number of traditional interview questions covering employment history, availability, interest in the company, and relevant job skills. Hiring managers may also ask situational questions in order to gauge how an applicant may act on the job. Most situational questions asked in the interview deal with loss prevention and resolving customer issues. Each interview lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Most applicants need only participate in one interview during the hiring process. Managers typically need to sit through two or three job interviews, although some may only need to participate in a single interview if assuming the position through promotion from within.

Show Appreciation for the Brand and Dress for Success

Act poised and professional during each job interview. Workers should assume there are other candidates interviewing for the position unless otherwise notified. Early arrival and business casual attire often set a necessary tone and present you as a diligent, approachable, and professional worker. If asked a situational question, draw your answer from a past retail experience. If you lack retail or work experience, you may use experiences from school projects, sports teams, or club activities. Show an appreciation for Goody's and a desire to work for the company. Hiring decisions may only take the length of the initial interview, depending on the specific needs of the desired location. If a hiring manager tells an applicant to wait for a phone call for final determination, job seekers should expect to wait no more than a week to hear back about the job with the company.

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