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Great Clips locations span the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, the company averages profits of roughly $1 billion annually. The no-frills, low-priced hair cuttery employs staff prepared to offer ultimate client experiences.

Facts About Working at Great Clips

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Great Clips?)

Available Positions: Hair Stylist, Receptionist, Shampooer, Assistant Salon Manager, Salon Manager, Business Services Specialist, Executive Owner

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Great Clips Job Opportunities

Originally named Super Clips, the first salon opened in 1982 on the University of Minnesota campus. Founders Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer created the first three locations after only three months and experienced immediate success. The hair cuttery began franchising in 1988 and continues to experience exponential growth. Intense training programs remain necessary for individuals able to gain employment. Proper knowledge allows workers to provide the experience Great Clips demands and respects. Career advancement also stands readily accessible with programs designed to meet personal aspirations and needs.

Employees represent a respected company, which millions of people love and trust. Nearly 1 million customers enter the salon doors each and every week. Approximately 35,000 hair stylists and managers work within the locally owned businesses, with over 3,800 salons in North America. Use of the latest technologies further increases interest with online check-in and ClipNotes. Each salon also maintains close relationships in the cosmetology industry in order to effectively communicate with clientele. Community involvement with partners like NASCAR, Children’s Miracle Network, and Cut It Out remains essential for salon owners. Staff members partake in supportive and energetic environments. By focusing on building stylist skills and confidence, workers efficiently handle wide arrays of situations.

Information about Occupations and Wages at Great Clips

Assertive, talented hair experts join teams of fellow salon gurus to offer services to clientele. Certain openings require cosmetology licenses, particularly direct cutting positions. Other essential skills may include cash handling, telephone etiquette, and the ability to sell products effectively. Employees must adapt to working flexible schedules, with evenings and weekends typically necessary. Opportunities frequently obtainable include the following job titles:


  • Making salary packages of $8.00 to $9.00 an hour, receptionists stand as the first lines of contact for entering customers.
  • By greeting clients with warm, welcoming smiles, employees ensure pleasant environments ideal for encouraging customers to return.
  • Workers may discuss service-related questions, problem solve, and assist clientele with locating proper hair experts.
  • Scheduling appointments and following up as reminders also remains part of daily responsibilities.
  • Neat, clean workspaces help portray organized salons and represent the company in a positive light.
  • Frequently, staff collect payments, endorse products, handle cancellations, and answer ringing phones.


  • Delivering superior customer service with winning attitudes, hairstylists retain clientele through exceptional work and friendly demeanors.
  • Applicants should already maintain haircutting licenses in order to successfully qualify.
  • Employees make recommendations and should easily identify proper solutions to tricky problems.
  • Creativity along with cutting skills exemplify traits of ideal aspirants.
  • Prospective team members should feel confident interacting with men, women, and children and perform even in difficult situations.
  • Pay rates range between minimum wage and $13.00 an hour and increase with commission.
  • Staff members greet customers, help through check-in processes, provide detailed consultations, and sell products through recommendations.
  • Eventually, hairstylists earn enough experience to advance into assistant manager positions.

Assistant Manager

  • Depending on state requirements, assistant managers must maintain cosmetology or hairstyling licenses.
  • Previous experience in salon environments also remains mandatory.
  • Hourly wages of $9.00 to $12.00 plus commission allow employees to earn competitive income for the salon industry.
  • Assistants aid managers by ensuring continuous flow of operations, which may include completing necessary paperwork.
  • Excellent customer service and creating positive experiences hold as top priorities.
  • Team members should recommend products for particular hair types and styles, provide consultations before haircuts, and follow haircutting systems by taking an average of 13-18 minutes per cut.
  • Positions require the ability to teach and train, supervise employees, and communicate to a wide range of people.

Tips For Applying

While browsing through the online website, applicants must identify whether corporate or salon positions stand of interest. Salon opportunities, searched by keyword and location, maintain a separate career portal compared to corporate openings. Similarly designed, candidates locate positions and submit applications by offering previous experience, education, and basic information. Individuals may also choose to log on as account owners or register with LinkedIn accounts. Detailed searches should save under My Job Agents, which allows aspirants to return to available openings at later times. Job seekers also find success when applying in-person at local salons. By asking to speak directly with hiring managers, potential employees demonstrate assertive behavior.

Application Status

Turnaround time after submitting applications normally varies at a few days to over a week. Generally, recruiters contact contenders possessing worthy skills and request in-person interviews scheduled within a week or two. Personality and skills tests may supplement hiring processes. If applicants do not receive contact from hiring leaders the best method of contact remains to arrive in-person or call to follow up on statuses. Advisably, individuals should arrive during slower hours and demonstrate professionalism. Positions become available frequently, which allows job hunters multiple opportunities to gain employment.

Benefits of Working for Great Clips

Lucrative careers with job benefits designed to offer security, work and personal life balance, and financial freedom create a workforce eager to please. Team members earn commissions while guaranteed competitive base salary options. Opportunities to earn incentives and bonuses hold obtainable for individuals prepared to put forth the necessary work. Staff members also receive immediate clientele upon hire. Career advancement, ongoing training, and advanced workshops stand as just a few of the options available to employees seeking promotion within the hair salon industry. Standard work benefits, such as:

  • Medical insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans and paid time off
  • Accompany most full-time positions.

Additional health coverage like dental, vision, and life insurance also remains accessible for certain workers.

Great Clips Miscellaneous Information

Effective July 2014, the Clips of Kindness program provides complimentary haircuts to individuals facing hair loss due to cancer treatments. Though admittedly a small gesture in the battle against cancer, Great Clips sets out to help in any way possible. The idea, developed by CEO Rhoda Olsen, formed based on a personal battle with the disease. In 2011 Jane Evans, a franchisee, informally began the program after fighting breast cancer in 2010. All locations in the United States and in Canada participate with the free cut to treatment on-goers.

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