Great Clips Interview Questions & Tips

Interviewing and Demonstrating Skills

Great Clips gives employment seekers a chance to gain a job in the hair salon industry through a multi-faceted hiring process. Interviewers gain insight into applicant work history, education, and knowledge of current hair styles during 20- to 30-minute question-and-answer sessions. Managers invite fitting candidates to participate in technical interviews intended to showcase hair-cutting abilities, as well. During the technical stage of the hiring process, candidates may cut the hair of a walk-in client or a model as a manager observes hairstyling skills. Some locations may choose to conduct the Q&A and technical interviews in succession. Applicants should attend the meetings prepared for any possibility. After the technical session concludes, managers generally make hiring determinations and extend job offers.

Answering General Industry Questions

Show up on-time for job interviews and align wardrobe choices with business and industry standards. Great Clips often looks for friendly, energetic, and welcoming employees. Endeavor to display a positive, up-beat attitude when interacting with the interviewer. Hiring managers may ask questions like: "How would you respond to a client who is not happy with his/her haircut?", "How long have you been cutting hair?", and "What do you do to stay current on new styling trends?" Maintain client-oriented responses when possible and refer to previous experience to emphasize customer-service skills. Hiring managers also want to hire on associates who enjoy cosmetology. Exhibit a desire for the job and a passion for the hair salon industry. At the end of the interview, show gratitude for the opportunity.


  • Terresa says:

    Any hard salon-specific questions that could be asked of me?

  • laurie says:

    What else could help me reel in this job besides dressing up and doing up my hair real nice to show them what I can do?

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