Greyhound Interview Questions & Tips

Important Hiring Requirements to Know

Greyhound operates as the largest provider of intercity bus transportation. The massive transportation company looks for dedicated and enthusiastic motor coach drivers to operate buses across the country. Before beginning the interview process, interested candidates should inspect the qualifications and expectations mandated for the position. Important requirements include an age minimum of 22, successful passing of DOT physicals, valid driver's licenses, and valid passports.

Interviewing and Training

The hiring process takes approximately six to seven weeks and consists of an interview as well as training. Candidates failing any phase of training do not receive employment consideration. The in-person interview consists of a 2:1 session with two managers. The managers begin the session by first giving a presentation outlining the details of the job and then answering any questions the interviewee might have. Candidates should strongly consider asking a minimum of three to five questions during each job interview. The next step of the session consists of applicants fielding common interview questions from the managers. The interviewers look for proficient interpersonal skills as well as experience suitable for the position. Prospects successful in the interviews progress to the mandatory training and qualification phases.

Passing Certifications and Tests

In the first phase of the program, candidates must complete 20 hours of computer-based training, pass DOT physical exams, drug screenings, and obtain CDL permits. Candidates have the option of completing the qualification round in five days at four hours a day or in two-and-a-half days at eight hours a day. In the second phase, trainees attend two weeks of driving training at a centrally located company school. Candidates must participate in 120 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with a mentor, learning routes and utilizing customer-service skills. Greyhound extends formal job offers at the conclusion of the final phase.


  • Thomas says:

    Even though you may feel that a job at Grayhound may not be professional and you can dress casual, I’d step it up and dress professional. Good luck to everyone……

  • Mohsin says:

    I have got an interview for service technician at Greyhound. Duties involve filling oil in the coaches and cleaning ect.

    What kind of questions should I prepare for?

  • john says:

    I went through the interview process and did not get the job. I was kinda upset, because I thought it was a slam dunk interview. I went in search of another bus driver position and emailed local charter bus companies. I was interviewed and hired, went through 5 days of training and when I was down at the DMV for my CDL in their Bus, their was a greyhound bus and driver testing at the same time. The greyhound driver was in a suit and could NOT do a Alley Backing or Parallel parking. Everybody was laughing, but my chance at the skills test and it was a slam dunk. Now, 5 weeks of training at greyhound vs. me, 5 days of training…I won seriously and I can have a beard and get 1 day notice of a schedule not 2 hours. I am so glad Greyhound DID NOT hire me. Thank you Greyhound.

  • John says:

    I have a interview at greyhound for a driver (extra board). I applied online and got called within 2 weeks. I had a phone interview and have been asked to come to a orientation/interview. I will let you all know how it goes.

    • Nokuzola says:

      How did you apply?

  • John says:

    I am posting my interview, just as I said I would. I was met by the station manager, and he asked for my DMV driving record. He showed me to a small room were 11 other people were waiting. Then the station manager, head driving instructor and a training coordinator came in and introduced themselves and opened up for questions. Mainly they hammered home, extra board drivers need to be commited to being available 24/7 with 2 hour call out. Do not go unless you are serious about driving when ever they call. They stressed customer service is high on the list of skills as well as flexibility. We all watched a 20 minute video outlining family commitments and being away from home possibly a week at a time.

    After the video the station manager and training coordinator called out individuals one at a time for thier interview. The interview consisted of 5 personel questions, a review of dmv printout, application. He told me to expect a phone call from the station manager in 3 days and a email to follow. I feel it is a good organization with potiential for driving opportunities on the extra board. I like the varied hours and traveling, especially working with people and driving a bus.

    I will let you know if I get the job or i should say, “invited to attend orientation”.
    I prepared myself by researching greyhound “googling driving training”.
    Wearing a suit to interview. Obtaining my Class B permit with airbrake and passenger endorsement.
    Getting a DOT physical. Having my Social security card, drivers licience, Passport card and medical card photo copied on a single sheet of paper. Handwritten application in BLUE ink, as requested in the invitation to interview. Nice station manager, training coordinator and head driving instructor. New terminal and they are hiring 14 in our local area. I would be expected to be on the extra board for 10 years without holding a regular route.

  • Theresa Mashigo says:

    looking for job, does one have, have a class B or class A CDL? I have A drove bus 3.8 years actual Blood mobile 4 to 5 passenger at a time

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