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As one of the largest deep-discount supermarket chains in the country, Grocery Outlet must ensure the adequate staffing of more than 200 grocery stores by constantly hiring new workers into entry-level and management positions. Each store features independent ownership and hires based on the current operational needs of the particular location. Job seekers interested in working for the extreme-value grocery retailer should apply online to initiate the hiring process.

Facts About Working at Grocery Outlet

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Grocery Outlet?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Produce Associate, Meat Cutter, Market Team Member, Deli Associate, Deli Manager, Bakery Associate, Bakery Manager, Frozen Food Associate, Dairy Associate, Guest Services Associate, Front End Sales Assistant, Grocery Sales Manager, Head Grocery Associate, DSD Receiver, Customer Service Associate, Retail Pricing Coordinator, Specialty Merchandise Associate, Customer Service Manager, Warehouse Shipping Representative, Warehouse Shipping Manager, Market Sales Manager, Forklift Operator, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Seafood Associate, Market Associate, Cake Decorator, Truck Driver, Forklift Mechanic, Seafood Sales Manager, Bilingual Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Grocery Outlet Job Opportunities

Prospective employees apply for Grocery Outlet jobs by visiting the online career center at the company website, looking up and selecting a specific store location, and submitting a resume electronically to the selected grocery store. In addition to featuring job openings for retail employment in supermarkets, the online career center allows qualified candidates to fill out application forms for corporate careers and store ownership opportunities. Despite the varied range of employment opportunities available, most Grocery Outlet associates work in stores as either managers or entry-level employees.

Grocery Outlet hires employees for both part-time and full-time work. Entry-level associates, such as cashiers and freight receivers, typically work part-time hours, while supervisors and managers often enjoy flexible, full-time work schedules among other job benefits. Assisting shoppers and ensuring customer satisfaction represent the work duties most common to all Grocery Outlet jobs, regardless of career level. Managers typically combine customer service duties with additional responsibilities essential to the profitability and overall financial condition of the store.

Grocery Outlet Employment and Pay Scales Information

Pay scales for employees working at Grocery Outlet supermarkets include hourly rates and annual salary options in line with grocery retail industry standards. The discount grocery store chain also offers a range of employment benefits with each available job. Candidates interested in receiving competitive pay along with attractive work benefits should fill out an online application form for one of the following positions:

Freight Receiver

  • Entry-level freight receivers typically handle the large quantities of merchandise delivered to Grocery Outlet stores.
  • Working in large stockrooms restricted from customers, freight receivers unload product deliveries, ensure the accuracy of merchandise shipments, and organize inventory according to store procedures and safety standards.
  • Additional job duties may include occasionally assisting stockers in replenishing the sales floor.
  • Freight receiver jobs feature certain physical requirements, like the abilities to lift heavy items and use specialized equipment to facilitate the ease of moving products within the stockroom and throughout the store.
  • Due to the physical demands of the position, applicants usually need to meet a minimum hiring age of 18 in order to work as freight receivers.
  • The entry-level job generally pays up to $10.00 an hour.


  • Unlike freight receivers, cashiers work at the front end of stores and interact with shoppers constantly.
  • Basic job responsibilities include using cash registers to process sales transactions, collecting payments from customers, and responding to questions about prices, services, and promotions.
  • Cashiers also clean checkout counters and bag groceries for shoppers when necessary.
  • Prospective cashier workers need to feel comfortable engaging with different types of customers on a regular basis.
  • Grocery Outlet typically pays cashiers between $8.00 and $9.00 per hour.


  • Managers work at every level of grocery retail operations to ensure storewide consistency and success.
  • Careers in grocery store management generally entail fulfilling budgetary obligations, implementing and enforcing company policies and procedures, and supervising entry-level associates.
  • Managers also hire and schedule employees for work, order and maintain inventory, coordinate the execution of merchandise displays, and resolve customer issues expediently.
  • Job seekers pursuing managerial employment opportunities must have extensive grocery retail experience, preferably within a management position.
  • Candidates applying for assistant manager or store manager jobs need to have multiple years of management experience as well as a related Bachelors degree.
  • Pay scales range from hourly rates of $10.00 or $11.00 for department managers to annual salary options of $55,000 or more for Grocery Outlet store managers.

Tips For Applying

Candidates primarily access Grocery Outlet job applications through the company website. Search for positions by location or region to pick out specific stores and single out select positions. Applicants should expect to answer standard questions during the interview process as well as on the required hiring forms. Topics include hobbies, customer service experience, preferred work environments, and goals for the future. Candidates may also go on tours of desired locations to meet staff and receive brief introductions into potential duties. Background checks may prove necessary, as well.

Application Status

Grocery Outlet locations send out confirmation emails to applicants submitting hiring forms electronically. Paper-application candidates usually receive rough time tables or guidelines regarding callbacks upon submission. Entry-level applicants normally hear back from management within a week. The best ways to check on applications include emailing managers or calling storefronts directly. In either case, directing inquiries toward managers represents the most beneficial course of action. Use the time to ask about the next steps in the hiring process, potential job duties, and to reaffirm motives and desires for employment.

Benefits of Working at Grocery Outlet

The array of employment benefits that come with each Grocery Outlet job includes flexible scheduling, comprehensive training programs, and pleasant work environments with an emphasis on collaboration, integrity, and continuous improvement. Qualified workers also take advantage of full job benefits packages featuring dental, vision, and general medical insurance. The sizeable grocery store chain extends financial benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans and profit-sharing programs, to eligible associates, as well.

Further Information on Grocery Outlet

Specializing in the opportunistic sourcing of products, Grocery Outlet maintains close relationships with manufacturers of brand name merchandise and uses these connections to generate discounts for customers. The grocery retailer focuses on purchasing surplus inventory from suppliers, resulting in merchandise priced up to 50 percent less than the amount normally set by the manufacturer. Customers regularly find heavily discounted items from prominent national brands in categories like health and beauty, frozen foods, organics, and even wine. In addition to traditional weekly ads, Grocery Outlet uses social media outlets to notify shoppers of exceptional deals and in-store events.

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