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Grocery Industry and Positions Approximately 825,000 cashiers work in grocery stores in the United States as of August 2014. Cashiers interact with customers and handle financial transactions, while baggers load purchases into bags for the customer to take home. Grocery stockers ensure store aisles remain stocked with fresh produce and goods. Butchers and bakers work in deli and bakery departments, respectively, if available as part of grocery store operations. Managers supervise other workers and ensure each store remains productive and profitable. According to Progressive Grocer Magazine in 2013, the number of supermarkets in the U.S. with over $2 million in sales annually stands at 37,459 locations. The grocery industry currently employs over 3.4 million workers.

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How to Get a Job at a Grocery Store Bagging jobs may remain available for applicants as young as 14 with work permits, depending upon state laws. Other positions often require candidates stand 18 years of age or older. Open schedule availability increases chances for hire, as many grocery stores stay open late at night or during weekends and holidays. Entry-level grocery positions generally do not require applicants hold previous work experience or high school diplomas, though some employers may choose to pursue candidates with formal educations.

Salary and Benefits Many of the largest grocery companies offer employment benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans and medical coverage for full-time employees. The median pay for stocking and bagging employees falls just shy of $20,000 annually, roughly $28,000 for butchers, while bakers bring in approximately $23,000 yearly. Managers make between $14.00 and $20.00 per hour, whereas cashiers earn between $7.25 and $10.00 hourly.

If you want to know what kind of pay to expect for a specific supermarket job, check out our Grocery Store Salaries & Pay information page.

Grocery / Supermarket Job Descriptions

manager | cashier | bagger |customer service | clerk | pharmacy | night crew

Grocery Store Manager Job

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Manager? Also referred to as store directors or general managers, grocery store managers hire and train new employees, oversee retail operations, ensure customer satisfaction, and carry out various administrative responsibilities. Specific job duties may include delegating work, scheduling employees, resolving workplace conflicts, answering questions about products and policy, and filing paperwork. Supermarket general managers also sometimes place food orders and oversee inventory. Training generally involves first-hand demonstration and on the job training. Paid training usually takes place over the course of a few weeks. Grocery store director jobs typically require applicants to use computers and other electronic devices, such as two-way radios, cell phones, and inventory scanners.

Job Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Manager Job? Supermarket management jobs generally require previous experience in either the grocery store industry or as a manager in another capacity. Age requirements for grocery store general manager jobs usually stand at 18 years old. Additional requirements may include a high school diploma and a two-year or four-year college degree, depending on the position, employer, and location. Ideal general manager candidates exude exceptional organizational, motivational, and leadership skills. Store directors must demonstrate professionalism at all times. Many grocery store manager jobs involve data entry and administrative work. Applicants should possess a working knowledge of computers and other common technology.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Manager Make? Average starting pay for general managers greatly depends on employer and location. Supermarket general managers typically earn around $20.00 per hour starting pay. Average salary packages for grocery store manager jobs fall between $60,000 and $75,000 per year. More experienced supermarket general managers may earn more depending on qualifications. The highest paid metropolitan areas for grocery store director jobs include Boston, MA, Atlantic City, NJ, Las Vegas, NV, and Seattle, WA.

Grocery Store Cashier

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Cashier? Grocery store cashiers assist customers with final purchases and answer questions at the checkout counter. Primary job duties include ringing up purchases, scanning coupons, answering specific questions about products, services, or policy, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Cashiers typically work with computerized cash registers and credit card machines as well as conveyor belts. Training for cashier jobs typically involves hands-on and visual instruction and generally takes place over the course of a couple days.

Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Cashier Job? For entry-level cashier jobs, most stores require no educational qualifications or work experience. Some work history in sales or customer service may prove advantageous during the hiring process. Ideal candidates exude friendly, courteous, and positive attitudes and demonstrate professionalism at all times. Average minimum age requirements for cashier positions fall around 16. Other job requirements, based around appearance and availability, may vary by location and employer.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Cashier Make? Grocery store cashiers typically receive starting pay between $7.25 and $10.00 per hour. Depending on state minimum wage laws, cashiers may earn better starting wages in some states. A more experienced cashier may earn a salary of $30,000 per year, or roughly $15.00 an hour. On average, supermarket cashiers earn about $10.00 per hour. Hourly pay and salary options vary by employer and location. The areas with the highest-paying grocery store cashier jobs include California, Illinois, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

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Grocery Store Bagger Job

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Bagger? Grocery baggers, or front end associates, assist customers and cashiers in bagging groceries at many supermarkets across the U.S. Baggers often work several different registers and assist customers with grocery bagging as needed. Everyday job duties include working directly with customers, answering questions about products and policy, and bagging groceries. Bagger jobs typically require no formal training. Orientation may consist of a training day, including visual instruction and hands-on demonstration.

Job Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Bagger Job? Traditionally entry-level in nature, bagger jobs normally involve no special requirements for employment consideration. The typical hiring age for baggers generally starts at 16. Previous experience in the grocery store industry or with another supermarket may prove advantageous during the hiring process. Ideal candidates for bagger jobs include workers with friendly, outgoing, and helpful personalities. Applicants should also demonstrate professionalism at all times. Some supermarkets may require applicants to possess basic computer skills as baggers at some grocery stores also work as cashiers.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Bagger Make? Most baggers start out making minimum wage, which varies state to state. Experience typically leads to career advancement and higher pay. Salary expectations for baggers generally top out around $20,000 per year, or between $10 and $12 an hour. Average hourly pay for bagger jobs falls around $8 or $9 per hour, or roughly $15,000 per year. The states with the highest annual yield for baggers include California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

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Grocery Store Customer Service Representative Job

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Customer Service Representative? Supermarket customer service representatives, also known as courtesy clerks or customer service clerks, work at the customer service counter to provide a positive shopping experience for grocery store customers. Providing a positive customer experience involves answering questions, offering product knowledge, guiding guests to correct isles, checking prices, and providing carry out services. In addition, customer service representatives work to maximize sales by providing prompt, friendly customer service. Grocery store courtesy clerks minimize loss by providing continuous customer service and following company procedures. During busy periods, customer service clerks may need to check out customers on the cash register or bag groceries.

Job Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Customer Service Representative Job? Essential qualities of a customer service associates consist of friendliness and courteousness. Additionally, supermarket courtesy clerks should possess the ability to stand for extended periods of time. Other desirable qualities of a customer service clerk include proper written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, and proficiency with computers. Most employers set the minimum age requirement for customer service representatives at 16 years old. For entry-level jobs, employers do not generally require educational standards. Some grocery store hiring managers may prefer applicants with a high school diploma or the equivalent. Many employers prefer associates with open availability.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Customer Service Representative Make? Average starting pay for a grocery store customer service representative ranges from $7.50 to $10.00 an hour. In some areas, experienced supermarket customer service representatives may earn up to $15.00 per hour. Increased wages may depend on previous experience, employer, and location. The highest paying areas for customer service representative jobs include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. Grocery store courtesy clerks working in top paying states earn average wages of about $12.00 an hour. Overall, the average hourly rate for a supermarket customer service representative stands at about $9.00 an hour.

Grocery Stock Clerk Job

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Clerk? A grocery clerk completes a wide variety of job tasks. Grocery store clerks stock shelves, work with food, and meet the various needs of store customers. Grocery clerks provide a wide range of products and services to customers. Since grocery stores consist of multiple departments and specialties, potential employees may find supermarket clerk jobs in produce, deli, bakery, dairy, and meat preparation. Specific job duties vary by department. For instance, deli clerks and meat counter clerks primary cut meat and other animal products, while bakery clerks bake bread and various desserts. Job tools and interaction with machinery also vary by department. Regardless of store placement, grocery clerks must follow all health and safety procedures.

Job Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Clerk Job? Many supermarkets hire grocery clerks at 16 years old, although some stores may prefer older workers who may legally operate some pieces of equipment. In general, though, grocery stores do not require store clerks to have any prior work history. Because of high job turnover, workers should learn and comply with all company policies. Finally, due to frequent customer interaction, grocery clerks must be the face of the store. Excellent customer service ensures that patrons will return again and again.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Clerk Make? On average, grocery clerk wages usually start between $7.25 and $9.00 an hour. Factors such as location, employer, and experience may influence grocery clerk pay. Many supermarket workers find lucrative grocery clerk jobs in states, like California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Grocery stores in states with higher minimum wage rates typically offer grocery clerks more money. Overall, the average grocery clerk earns an annual salary of $20,000, or roughly $10.00 per hour.

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Grocery Store Pharmacy Technician Job

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Pharmacy Tech? Grocery store pharmacy technicians take responsibility for the medical needs of customers. In general, pharmacy techs receive and verify prescriptions, price prescriptions, prepare orders, and complete necessary patient paperwork. Supermarket pharmacy technicians must also keep inventory of the various products in stock. Above all else, a pharmacy technician must assist the head pharmacist and support other pharmacy personnel.

Job Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Pharmacy Tech Job? The most important requirement for pharmacy technician jobs involves properly reading and understanding what a certain medication or chemical does. A properly trained pharmacy tech should also be familiar with insurance claims and policies pertaining to each customer’s plan. Additionally, a grocery store pharmacy clerk should exhibit great customer service and overall professional courtesy to supermarket patrons. This mix of precision, accuracy, and customer relation makes for an effective pharmacy technician. In most cases, pharmacy technicians must be at least 18 years old for employment consideration with grocery stores. Usually minimal, educational requirements vary by employer.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Pharmacy Tech Make? The average starting pay for pharmacy technicians rests between $9.00 and $12.00 an hour. Experienced pharmacy techs may earn as much as $20.00 per hour. Pharmacy technician wages depend on factors, like employer, store location, and work experience. Popular states to find pharmacy tech jobs include California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas. On average, grocery store pharmacy technicians earn salaries of about $29,000 per year, or roughly $14.00 an hour.

Supermarket Night Crew

Job Duties What Are the Responsibilities of a Grocery Store Night Crew Associate? Night crew members, also sometimes called night stock clerks or night stock crew workers, perform a wide range of job duties. Typical duties include unloading deliveries, setting up promotional displays, stocking merchandise, and facing the store. To properly perform essential job duties, supermarket night crew members use a variety of tools and equipment, including pricing guns, utility knives, compactors, transport dollies, pallet jacks, and power jacks. For grocery stores open late at night, night crew stock clerks also interact with customers, retrieve items for guests, and answer questions. Grocery store night crew members must also follow all health and safety measures. New-hire night crew associates may receive paid training to become proficient in all job duties and store practices.

Job Qualifications What Are the Requirements for a Grocery Store Night Crew Job? Successful grocery store night crew workers display determination, problem solving skills, and the ability to take direction. Physical demands for night crew stock clerks include standing, walking, bending down, pushing or pulling pallet jacks and dollies, lifting and carrying heavy boxes, and performing a number of repetitive motions. In addition to physical abilities, night crew members should possess basic reading and mathematics skills. Most grocery stores set the minimum age requirement for night crew members at 18 years old; however, some stores may hire night crew workers as young as 16. For entry-level night crew jobs, most supermarkets do not require prior work experience.

Salary & Compensation How Much Can a Grocery Store Night Crew Associate Make? The average starting pay for a grocery store night crew member ranges from $8.00 to $12.00 an hour. In some cases, experienced night crew members may earn up to $18.00 per hour. The most profitable areas for night crew stock associates include California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia. Average wages for supermarket night crew members working in top paying states rest between $12.00 and $15.00 an hour. Overall, grocery store night crew members earn average salaries of $23,000 per year, or roughly $11.50 an hour.