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Each year, millions of diners use Grubhub for hot meals brought to their doorsteps. Customers order food online from local restaurants and have it delivered to their homes or offices. Filling out a Grubhub job application form is the first step towards a fun, fast-paced career.

Facts About Working at Grubhub

Hiring Age: 19 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Grubhub?)

Available Positions: Driver, Customer Care Specialist

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Grubhub jobs are great for those who love to explore the ins and outs of cities. Employees use cars or bikes to earn money on their own schedules. Drivers are able to work hours according to their availability.

Workers who apply online need to complete a training session. This happens in person at one of Grubhub’s offices throughout the country. If company headquarters are out of driving range, attending online classes is an option.

Grubhub Job Information

Prospects should have their driver’s license, car insurance, and bank details on hand to complete the Grubhub job application. All employees are subject to background checks and must give checking account information for direct deposits. Review each city’s laws for further driving limits.


  • This part-time Grubhub job requires workers to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it in a timely fashion.
  • Most job seekers must be 19 years old with at least two years of driving experience.
  • A smartphone is vital to use the Grubhub app and accept orders.
  • Pay rates often start around $11.00 per hour.

Customer Care Specialist

  • These full-time employees earn hourly wages of around $14.00 to assist customers.
  • Workers must respond to requests through emails, text messages, help tickets, and phone calls.
  • Team members often coordinate with different departments to fulfill their duties.

Tips For Applying

Job seekers should include any delivery experience on the Grubhub application. During the interview process, candidates need to send copies of insurance forms and driver’s licenses.

Grubhub Application Status

The hiring process usually takes less than a week. In many cases, the company hires drivers without formal job interviews. After an insurance and background check, entry-level recruits will receive updates on their Grubhub job application status.

Grubhub Benefits

Job benefits for drivers include per-order fees and mileage reimbursement. Employees also have the freedom to change their work hours if needed.

Full-time office workers receive additional employment benefits, such as:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare coverage, and
  • Paid time off.

More Details on Grubhub

As one of the internet’s largest food delivery platforms, Grubhub jobs keep workers busy with a steady flow of orders. Drivers have the option to accept or reject orders at will. Wages can increase with more deliveries, and employees keep their tips.


  • Brad says:

    You reimburse drivers for mileage. As a tax preparer, I’m wondering: how is that reimbursement reported, is it included, along with the drivers income, on a 1099-Misc?

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