Grubhub Interview Questions & Tips

How to Prepare for a Grubhub Job Interview

All applicants must apply online, and should expect to work in the town where they live. Depending on location and demand, potential hires undergo phone, electronic, or in-person interviews. Those who love to drive around cities and meet a wide range of people should start the Grubhub interview process.

Job Qualifications

When filling out an application form, workers must agree to receive emails and texts from Grubhub. Those looking for jobs must be efficient, accurate, and good with people. A clean record helps, but prior wrongs do not always bar employment.

Job seekers must have a cell phone, working car, and valid driver's license. Cars need insurance under the applicant's name, but inspections are not required. The job application asks for a phone number, email address, and hometown. Bank account info will be necessary for direct deposit.

Grubhub Interview Questions

Grubhub interview questions ask why a worker wants a job with the company. Common responses are to help pay for college, to earn some cash on the side, or to have the freedom to set their own hours. Other questions center around a candidate's people skills and ability to work quickly.

Finishing the Grubhub Interview Process

At the end of the hiring process, employees learn the Grubhub delivery system. This is when they hear about hourly wages and pay periods, which can vary by region. Part-time Grubhub workers are independent contractors and receive no employment benefits or healthcare coverage.

Does Grubhub Drug Test?

There are no drug tests in the Grubhub interview process. However, the company collects social security numbers for conducting background checks. Those with a history of drug use may be ineligible for employment.

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