Gymboree Interview Questions & Tips

What Managerial Candidates Should Expect

Gymboree utilizes a fairly straightforward hiring process. Applicants for entry-level retail positions are usually hired based on their performance at one face-to-face interview with a store manager. The screening process for managerial candidates typically begins with a phone interview, and hiring staff conclude the phone call by scheduling an in-store meeting if candidates make a good first impression. Managerial candidates often move on to second and third interviews with store and district managers in a 1:1 or panel format. Applicants should attend all hiring meetings dressed in professional, business attire. Job hopefuls should also complete and print required documents, as instructed on the company website, for hiring staff to review during the interview.

Questions for Management

Managerial candidates with Gymboree may face questions about working with uncooperative subordinates, team leading experience, loss prevention, reaching store goals, and dealing with unhappy customers. Potential managers want to point to previous successes and valuable lessons they learned along the way during the interview when given the opportunity. Upper-level candidates should also show potential in the area of creativity and open-mindedness, as the retail environment is constantly changing and products come and go.

Entry-Level Job Seekers

Entry-level candidates encounter simple questions about job history in the retail industry and customer service related scenarios during job interviews. Applicants should maintain an enthusiastic, energetic presence during hiring meetings and show authentic concern for customer satisfaction. Gymboree hiring representatives may also ask candidates to sell them an item or offer assistance as a role playing exercise. During these activities, applicants should allude to potential sales items and ask helpful questions, staying focused on providing great customer care. Hiring staff also look for new employees who work well on a team and are open to constructive criticism.

How to Get a Job at Gymboree

Thank hiring staff for their time at the end of each interview, and show genuine desire for the position throughout the hiring process. Respectfully following up with Gymboree within a few days of the final interview demonstrates persistence, and some hiring representatives appreciate a level of tenacity during the preliminary employment process.


  • Zak says:

    Smile, of course. You will be working around kids so you have to be peppy all the time.

  • Natalia says:

    answers during an employment interview

  • kelly says:

    do they drug test?

  • Molly says:

    Hey! I’ve worked at Gymboree for a year now. I did not go through the interview process since the manager at the time was a family friend. There is no education level required. It is all about your retail abilities and potential. My assistant manager didn’t gradaute high school but she is very competent and good for retail. A sales associate position will pay minimum wage to a dollar above minimum wave. I’ve never been drug tested during the entire year I’ve worked here. However, for all I know they could drug test at other stores. Hope that helps a little! Be energetic, kind, confident and competent.

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