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One of the largest privately owned salon chains in the United States, the Hair Cuttery boasts nearly 1,000 locations. A subsidiary of Ratner Companies, applicants may find multiple job opportunities with the prominent enterprise.

Facts About Working at Hair Cuttery

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Hair Cuttery?)

Available Positions: Hair Stylist, Receptionist, Shampooer, Instructor, Assistant Manager, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Hair Cuttery Job Opportunities

Entry-level positions with the salon typically focus on stylist positions. Stylists interact with customers and perform quality professional hair care services. In addition to working directly with clientele, employees act as salespersons upselling techniques, products, and hair care solutions. Entry-level employees typically must possess cosmetology licenses to earn employment consideration. However, Hair Cuttery also offers furthered education options for stylists to sharpen skills and knowledge. Applicants showing exceptional interpersonal skills, affinity for current styles, and flexible scheduling readily earn interviews with the salon chain.

Employees may earn promotion into assistant salon leaders and salon leaders, as well. In charge of scheduling, leading by example, and maintaining strong sales numbers, salon leaders typically work full-time. Keen customer service skills, proper licensing, and desires to lead others remain qualities Hair Cuttery seeks out in members of management. In addition to leadership roles and stylist positions, the hair salon chain may look for receptionists, shampooers, and cosmetologists, depending on the location and specific salon needs.

Hair Cuttery Positions and Salary Information

Associates must possess high school diplomas or equivalent GEDs and stand at least 18 years of age in order to apply. Specific cosmetology licenses and program completion along with pre-employment competency and technical interviews may deem necessary in order to apply for the following positions:


  • A stylist cuts, colors, and shapes customer hair into appropriate and requested fashions.
  • Individuals working as stylists should build and maintain strong client relationships, remain flexible and reliable in scheduling, and work well in team settings.
  • Good communication skills as well as the consistent ability to listen to client needs generally remain traits the salon chain seeks out.
  • In addition to styling hair, employees must regularly promote and sell various hair care products.
  • A stylist earns around $9.00 an hour, though may experience higher earning potential with the addition of gratuities.

Assistant Salon Leader

  • A supervisory role, each assistant salon leader works in tandem with the salon leader to effectively manage a salon location.
  • In charge of day-to-day operations in the absence of the salon leader, employees also work as stylists to lead by example.
  • Stylist duties include demonstrating current and trendy techniques and personifying exceptional customer care.
  • Assistant salon leaders typically earn around $10.00 hourly, though tips may also prove possible through the course of a work day.
  • The ability to perform multiple tasks, exhibit understanding of numerous techniques, and talent for leading others may earn hiring and promotion preference.

Tips For Applying

The salon industry leader offers applicants an easy and straightforward application process online. Job seekers must first create logins. Once completed, candidates may sign in to search openings, view application statuses, upload resumes, and update profiles as needed. To ensure completion of hiring materials, check for accuracy, spelling, correct time frames, contact information, and job duties before submission. Interested applicants may also approach locations of interest to inquire about paper application forms.

Application Status

Checking on employment status proves uncomplicated after signing up for a profile on the company job portal. Logging in to profile pages allows job seekers to check on submission statuses as well as access assessments required to move forward in the hiring process. Forward-thinking candidates may also wish to contact locations of hire directly, either through phone, email, or visiting in person. While encouraged to seek application statuses online, visiting in person to speak with a hiring manager may help put a face to a name and offer opportunities to interact and demonstrate knowledge. When contacting salons directly, ask for a salon leader and avoid peak hours of business, if possible.

Benefits of Working at Hair Cuttery

The hair salon chain offers a variety of employee work benefits in addition to competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for career advancement. Associates enjoy access to vacation and paid time off in addition to qualifying for 401(k) retirement plans. Hair Cuttery also offers professional development classes, seminars, and tuition assistance. Employees earn access to various medical plans, including:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life, and
  • Health insurance options upon hire as well.

Additional Information about Hair Cuttery

Hair Cuttery gives back to communities served. One such plan, called the Share-A-Haircut program, utilizes customer incentives to buy a haircut, then matching in the form of a certificate to a child in need. To date, the program affects almost one million children, with donations valued around $16 million. The program also readily benefits the homeless, armed service veterans, and victims of domestic violence.


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    It was a very pleasant and positive experience. I felt all the time part of a dynamic team with a smooth relationship with my coworkers.

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