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Hair Salon Jobs Over 350,000 people work in hair salons in the United States. Hairstylists and makeup artists fulfill roles related to personal beautification services, cosmetology services for motion pictures, television shows, and theatrical productions, and nursing care facilities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13% growth in the industry within the next 10 years.

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Positions and Salary Hairstylists and hairdressers cut, style, clean, dye, and maintain hair for clients. Sales and cash handling duties often entail a portion of work responsibilities, as hair salons typically sell beauty and care products, as well. Good salon employees master interacting with customers in personable ways to improve the experiences of customers and ensure return visits. The median hourly wage for most hair salon workers stands at $11.12 per hour.

Work in a Hair Salon Job hopefuls should command strong awareness of popular styles and trends as well as an insightful aesthetic sense. Physical stamina also benefits candidates, as the job requires prolonged standing and repetitive motions. Applicants generally need training from specialized schools to obtain certification as hairdressers or stylists. Some employers may expect applicants to possess high school diplomas or equivalents for certain positions.

Hair Salon Job Descriptions

Hair Stylist – Hair stylist remains the common position sought after in the hair salon industry. Associates in hair stylist roles take responsibility for properly cutting, trimming, and shaping hair based on customer instructions, hair types, and other factors using clippers, shears, trimmers, and razors. A hair stylist, sometimes called a hair dresser, may also bleach, dye, or tint hair and as well as shampoo, rinse, condition, and dry hair. Employees must generally know how to demonstrate and sell company hair products, take payment, and make recommendations on other products for customer consumption. Hair dressers typically must undergo some form of training before performing on actual clients and must also display creativity, flexibility in scheduling, competency, and remain current on fashionable trends. A hair stylist may earn between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour, depending on a variety of factors, including tenure, location, and salon of employment. Stylists may also receive gratuities on top of hourly wages.

Nail Technician – Nail technicians perform manicures and pedicures, which at times includes the application of artificial nails, nail repair, nail art, and various other specialized foot and hand treatments. Employees in nail technician roles must also conduct financial transactions, maintain client records, provide advice and sell assortments of nail products, and remain cognizant of current industry standards and vogues. Nail technicians must show the capacity to perform repetitive tasks, wear protective clothing as necessary, and enjoy working with people. Generally earning minimum wage, nail technicians may earn up to $11.00 per hour with the supplement of tips.

Salon Manager – Licensed cosmetologists and beauty professionals may seek salon manager career paths. Supervisors in the beauty industry tend to ensure salons operate efficiently, at profit, and with steady lists of repeat clientele. Responsible for the administrative side of the salon industry as well, managers typically hire, train, and maintain staffs of subordinate employees. Salon managers must work varied shifts, keep up to date on all trends, and maintain proper training for both staff and management alike. While earning a position in the hair salon industry may require little education beyond high school and various training, a salon manager may wish to hold a college degree in a related field, such as business, management, or accounting in addition to cosmetology certifications. Salon managers typically earn a median wage of $30,000 a year, though yearly salary options may rise based on experience, tenure, and meeting salon goals.