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Half Price Books pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Half Price Books Application

New stores, expanding inventories, and steady employee turnover spur bookstore chains like Half Price Books to screen for motivated and customer-oriented workers on a consistent basis. Recruitment personnel administer online and paper application forms to gather information about prospective associates during the hiring process. Individuals using downloadable, printable employment forms often enjoy relaxed timetables to submit the documents and opportunities to meet with management personally.

Both advantages regularly instill confidence in applicants, as additional time to gather materials and fill out the forms often results in more thorough and accurate information provided. Meeting with hiring managers also boosts candidate morale, especially with completed documents in hand. Printing out the documents and arriving with the forms completed reduces the amount of interaction with potential supervisors; however, applicants may use the opportunities to talk specifically about details surrounding positions in question and build friendly rapports with staff.

How to Fill out the Half Price Books PDF Application

The four-page hiring form begins with brief introductions to the application and information regarding company history and employee benefits. Job seekers should read through the statements to gain clearer understandings of the hiring process and general expectations of staff members. Workers then move on to data fields for contact information, education histories, employment histories, and references. Complete the documents in ink and use legible handwriting. Represent personal and professional attributes as honestly and thoroughly as possible.

“Personal Data”
Required information in the Personal Data section includes name, address, phone number, and email address as well as indication of legal authorization to work in the United States and age verification. Workers under 19 years old must provide birthdates. The section also asks about prior felony convictions. Applicants with felonies must list the circumstances of the offenses, the dates committed, and any resulting sanctions handed down by authorities.

“Placement Information”
The next section asks about positions desired at Half Price Books stores. Workers must list the specific titles on the first line followed by the date of the application, type of employment desired (full-time, part-time, temporary/seasonal), and first available start date. Other questions appearing in the Placement Information section include inquiries into reliable transportation to and from work, the ability to work evenings, the ability to work weekends, job referral sources, and previous employment with the bookstore chain. Candidates must also share any previous applications submitted to the retailer, including the specific locations and dates.

“Educational Background”
Applicants must also provide information regarding academic backgrounds. The Half Price Books PDF application offers data fields for individuals to enter the names, locations, years attended, areas of study, and degrees received for up to three institutions. Appropriate places to highlight include high schools, colleges, and trade or vocational schools. A final data field offers space for workers to list related skills and abilities.

“Employment History”
Another chart calls for applicants to list information regarding current and/or past places of employment. The detailed chart offers the ability to list four separate jobs. Beginning with the most recent positions held, workers provide dates employed, company names and addresses, supervisor names and phone numbers, starting and ending pay rates, specific job titles and regular responsibilities, and reasons for leaving. If presently employed, job hopefuls must sign off on a statement below the chart granting Half Price Books permission to contact current managers for hiring purposes.

The Half Price Books downloadable application form asks workers to provide two references outside of personal, family relations or previous coworkers and supervisors. Candidates should list individual names and addresses as well as current occupations and phone numbers. The section also asks for former aliases to guarantee thorough background checks.

“In Case of Emergency Notify”
Candidates must also enter in emergency contacts. Data required includes the names, relationships to, addresses, and phone numbers for individuals Half Price Books may contact in the event of situations calling for immediate medical or special attention. Parents or legal guardians often work best.

Legal statements regarding the active period of submitted applications, hiring policies, and general workplace protocols sit under the Important section. Sign and date the document to certify the information and finalize the forms.

Half Price Books applicants must complete a brief questionnaire in order to gain full consideration. The hiring questionnaire asks questions regarding employment in general in addition to personal and professional attributes. Specific prompts include: “Describe your work habits,” “Why do you want to work in a bookstore?”, and “Do you have any experience supervising others? If so, describe.” Candidates should expand upon responses as much as needed. Job seekers may attach additional sheets of paper to the hiring documents in order to spend more time answering the questions, if desired.