Half Price Books Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Half Price Books

The Half Price Books interview process usually takes an extremely brief amount of time to complete. Applicants report spending only one or two days going through formal procedures for hiring consideration, which include a short, candid interview session with a designated recruitment manager. The hiring process typically begins with either formal submission of employment documents at a desired location or employee referrals. The average individual receives a phone call to schedule an interview within a week, although in instances of multiple applicants vying for the same positions or decreased hiring needs, workers may not receive interview consideration for several weeks.

Interview Questions for Bookseller Roles

The most common positions for hire at Half Price Books locations include bookseller jobs. The entry-level position requires a single interview with a hiring manager, which usually only lasts 10 to 20 minutes at most. During interviews, applicants respond to questions regarding retail operations, customer service, favorite literature, and work schedule preferences and availability. The bookstore chain asks interview questions like: "What is the difference between working hard and working smart?", "What are your personal work ethics?", "Why are you applying for this position?", and "Do you like to read books/listen to music? What artists/authors?" Interview questions may also include silly prompts and ice breaker inquiries like, "If you had a super power, what would it be?" and "If someone asked you to catch 100 frogs, how would you do it?"

Readily Relay Love of Books and Music

As interview questions revolve around and center on topics related to book sales, applicants should possess working knowledge of literature and other means of entertainment, such as movies and music. Ideal applicants can talk candidly about books, movies, and music with customers on end and provide genuine and educated recommendations, if necessary. Half Price Books takes a relaxed stance on tattoos and piercings. Many times, prospective employees encounter hiring managers with multiple and exposed tattoos during the interview process. While the retailer encourages individualism, applicants should still wear professional attire and maintain kempt appearances for the interview process. Disheveled or unruly appearances may lead hiring managers to question abilities of workers and ultimately lead to dismissal or snubbing during final deliberations.


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