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Halliburton employs over 70,000 workers worldwide in order to provide the largest array of products and services in the energy industry. The award-winning company hires diverse associates to work with cutting-edge technologies in operational locations spanning more than 80 countries.

Facts About Working at Halliburton

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Halliburton Construction?)

Available Positions: Entry-Level Operator Assistant, Operator, Field Service Representative, Consultant, Regional Security Manager, Service Planner, Mechanic Technician, Electronics Technician, Dispatcher, Materials Control Specialist, Truck Driver, Coordinator, Account Representative, Service Supervisor, Tool Maintenance Technician, Mechanical Technician, Logistics Specialist, Drilling Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Engineering Project Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Halliburton Job Opportunities

Founded in 1919, Halliburton rapidly grew from one man, a mule, and a homemade cement mixer to a multi-billion dollar global company thanks to innovative technological developments and an industry-leading employee training and education program. Teams of professional workers lead the construction company in providing necessary services, which help clients meet growing global demands for energy. Employees assist companies with locating hydrocarbon deposits, handling geological data, constructing land-based or offshore oil and fracking drill sites, and optimizing existing processes. Jobs available range in scope from work in the field to traditional office opportunities.

Recent college graduates looking for entry-level jobs or experienced professionals seeking new career opportunities may find rewarding, lucrative employment at Halliburton in fields such as engineering, mechanical operations, chemistry, geology, project management, information technology, and finance. Upon hire, associates receive world-class training, continuing education, and professional development opportunities though mentoring, classes at local universities, on-the-job training, and leadership development programs. Other opportunities for growth include lucrative salary packages and work benefits commensurate with responsibilities and experience.

Employment Opportunities and Salary Options at Halliburton

Entry-level jobs at Halliburton often lead hardworking individuals into career opportunities within various locations around the world. Individuals may apply for full-time positions, such as material handlers, materials coordinators, frac acid operators, and mechanical technicians.

Material Handler

  • Qualified material handlers often earn upwards of $14.00 an hour performing physical labor outdoors.
  • Candidates who possess high school diplomas and rigging certifications may submit applications for employment consideration.
  • Daily job duties include following safety procedures while shipping and receiving pallets of materials, such as liquid mud mix or other bulk products, assisting crane operators on site, driving forklifts, and maintaining clean and accessible work areas.
  • The job proves physically challenging yet provides employees the opportunity to work outside with dedicated teams of safety-oriented workers.
  • Frequent lifting, bending, twisting, pulling, standing, and walking in various types of weather encompass typical work conditions.

Materials Coordinator

  • Materials coordinators handle shipping and receiving processes for specific product service lines.
  • Responsibilities encompass tracking receipts, issuing sales orders, reconciling inventory counts, and coordinating billing processes.
  • Excellent communication skills prove necessary to facilitate effective teamwork among warehouse workers.
  • Employees must also become familiar with relevant product service lines, materials, and the safe handling concerns relevant to shipping and receiving various products.
  • The position pays hourly wages between $18.00 and $19.00.
  • Preferred candidates hold associate’s degrees and at least one year of related work experience.

Frac Acid Operator Assistant

  • Operator assistants take on advanced job roles by learning operational duties and gaining hands-on experience under the supervision and guidance of expert service operators.
  • Typical daily tasks include conducting equipment inspections prior to and after completing jobs, performing light maintenance, operating heavy equipment, and assembling and installing service equipment.
  • Interested job seekers should hold valid driver’s licenses and high school diplomas.
  • Prospective workers also stand required to pass competency tests.
  • Starting pay rates usually fall between $16.00 and $17.00 an hour, depending on education and levels of experience.

Associate Mechanical Technician

  • Individuals hoping to begin careers in equipment maintenance or mechanics find promising entry-level associate mechanical technician jobs.
  • Associates work under the supervision of knowledgeable, experienced mechanics to perform duties including maintenance and repair of company equipment.
  • Workers operate efficiently and accurately using basic hand tools.
  • Preferred candidates possess mechanical certifications from accredited technical schools, associate’s degrees, and previous heavy duty equipment maintenance experience prior to handing in application forms.
  • Workers typically earn wages around $20.00 per hour, or roughly $41,000 annual salary.

Tips For Applying

Applicants may search for desired jobs on the company website. Creating online job profiles allows candidates to submit online application forms and receive email communications from recruiters. Qualified applicants receive interview requests from hiring managers and undergo applicable pre-employment competency tests. The interview process often takes place face-to-face or over the phone, and may consist of multiple interactions with different people.

Application Status

Individuals may check on the statuses of job applications by reviewing online profiles. After receiving invitations for interviews, candidates may follow up by emailing recruiters or hiring managers. The hiring process may take anywhere from two days to two months, depending on the amount of candidates applying for the same position. Direct phone contact with company hiring personnel generally proves difficult to achieve before recruiters assess candidate eligibility.

Benefits of Employment at Halliburton

Halliburton employees receive industry-leading training and educational programs which benefit career-oriented workers. The construction company offers a total rewards job benefits program designed to deliver generous compensation beyond competitive pay rates and plentiful career advancement opportunities.

Eligible employees receive:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Stock options
  • Healthcare coverage and medical insurance
  • Paid holidays and vacation, and employee assistance programs to promote wellness and work/life balances.

More Details about Halliburton

As a global leader in construction and energy industry services, Halliburton consistently receives top accolades for innovative technological and engineering achievements. In 2015, the company won the Hart’s E&P Meritorious Engineering Achievement award, and the Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on Technology award. Other past awards include multiple accolades from the 2014 World Oil Awards as well as many additional innovation awards for systems and technologies designed to harness energy sources in environmentally responsible ways.


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