Halliburton Construction Interview Questions & Tips

Start at the Company Website

Halliburton frequently interviews candidates to staff its construction division and conducts streamlined hiring processes as outlined on the company website. Job seekers find employment opportunities on the careers page and submit resumes through the employment portal of the company website. Human resources representatives review hiring information and usually contact promising applicants within a week of receiving employment requests. Job candidates often complete personality and skills assessments before receiving phone calls from recruitment personnel, as well. Screening personnel collect basic information during phone interviews ranging from past employment to availability. Phone conversations often determine whether candidates move on to one-on-one interviews with hiring managers.

Draw From Prior Experiences

Dress respectably for job interviews. Business casual proves the minimum standard for Halliburton Construction hiring sessions. Arrive on time. Prepare to answer questions regarding job skills, years of experience, and work-related scenarios during each job interview, which is typically conducted by an area manager. Some applicants may undergo drug testing or fingerprinting before earning job offers. Remain cooperative and express gratitude throughout the process.

Answering Interview Questions

Interviewers may also ask behavioral questions like: "Tell me about a time you made a big mistake on the job; how did you remedy the situation?" or "How would you handle an extremely demanding client?" A more personable inquiry may include, "What are three things you would like to accomplish in the next five years?" Use professional tones while answering questions, keeping safety, quality, and customer service at the forefront of answers when relevant. Use examples from past experience to highlight eligibility for the job, as well.

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