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International greeting card company Hallmark maintains retail operations in both the U.S. and Canada. The part-time and full-time job opportunities available through the renowned chain include several options for competitive pay and flexible scheduling in creative work environments conducive to professional growth and development.

Facts About Working at Hallmark

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Hallmark?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Retail Merchandiser, Territory Assistant, Technology Business Liaison, Inventory Planner, Category Analyst, Print Specialist, Tax Analyst, Multiple Account Assistant, Maintenance Technician, Human Resources Associate, Inside Sales Representative, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Loss Prevention Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Hallmark Job Opportunities

As a company, Hallmark stands most notable for selling greeting cards commemorating nearly every occasion. The ongoing success of the brand over the years facilitates consistent hiring in the competitive industry and allows job seekers to find meaningful, long-term employment. Applicants generally need to exude personable, fun-loving, and extroverted personalities to land available jobs. The retailer routinely screens for artistic, creative, and motivated individuals to join existing staffs. Experience in retail may benefit prospective associates looking to assume careers in management; however, most entry-level jobs simply require candidates meet the minimum hiring age of 18.

Above all other traits the greeting card retailer looks for in applicants stands passion for performing beyond expectations and relentless persistence to learn and advance in the industry. Hallmark hires workers who exude innovative personalities and understand the importance greetings cards hold in society. In order to purvey the type of working environments necessary for the creative output of store associates, the retailer screens for attentive, helpful, and outwardly conscious personality types during the hiring process. Many of the positions regularly available feature collaborative job settings requiring team-oriented attitudes and personable behavior. Customers rank as a top priority with the chain. Workers must put the needs of customers first to receive hiring consideration.

Hallmark Positions and Salary Information

Part-time opportunities stand in wide abundance with the retail chain. Applicants may choose from an assortment of entry-level part-time opportunities or apply directly for managerial careers featuring full-time job status. The basic hiring requirements for available positions vary slightly but generally center on personality traits. However, experience may aid prospective workers looking for work above entry-level status. Common positions available include:


  • Many part-time job seekers take interest in cashier positions available with the greeting card company.
  • The retail outlets operating under the company banner must hire self-motivated and personable individuals to ring up purchases, greet and interact with customers in the checkout aisle, and handle returns or exchanges, if necessary.
  • Warm and inviting individuals usually make ideal cashiers.
  • Communication skills and efficient work ethics play pivotal roles in hiring deliberations, as well.
  • Cashiers use automated POS systems to process payments and remain standing for long periods of time.
  • New-hire cashiers usually make minimum wage, with increases in pay leading to $9.00 or $10.00 an hour.

Sales Associate

  • Inviting and upbeat personalities also serve as desirable qualities in prospective sales associates.
  • Sales team members take responsibility for engaging customers, recommending products, explaining services, and organizing store merchandise displays.
  • Sales associates may act as cashiers during busy rushes, as well.
  • Motivated, energetic individuals typically thrive in sales associate positions.
  • Workers must feel comfortable working with the general public at all times and maintain positive and professional demeanors.
  • Average hourly starting pay hovers around minimum wage.


  • Each retail locations provides opportunities for careers in management.
  • Current employees or applicants seeking long-term jobs in the retail industry should take interest in available supervisory roles.
  • Primary job duties of Hallmark managers include looking after entry-level staff, coordinating merchandise shipments, tracking sales and inventory, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • The average manager works full-time but may still assume a varied schedule, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Excellent delegation skills and the ability to effectively multitask remain essential for hiring consideration.
  • Previous experience in retail or in a position of leadership also benefits the average candidate.
  • Job seekers should expect to start out at $9.00 or $10.00 per hour for entry-level managerial positions like sales lead jobs and earn as much as $60,000 to $70,000 in annual salary options for assistant manager and store manager titles.

Tips For Applying

Applicants need to complete required hiring forms to the best of known abilities to ensure consideration for employment. Aside from completing the necessary recruitment materials, job hopefuls looking for work with the retail chain need to display personable and fun attitudes in person throughout all stages of the hiring process. Meeting with management prior to submitting forms or soon after putting in formal applications demonstrates interest and passion for the job, which may help set candidates apart from other aspiring employees. Dress in a professional manner, maintain a bright and cheery disposition, and showcase the desire to grow with the company and the ability to cater to customer needs.

Application Status

After putting in employment forms, applicants may check hiring status by accessing the careers portal via the company website. The online platform allows individuals to create personal profiles, which update as management makes determinations. Workers should visit the desired location if corresponding personnel do not reach out within a week or so of submitting forms in person. Most applicants pass through the hiring process within one to two weeks. Candidates in the running for managerial careers may not hear back from the greeting card company for up to two months regarding application status. Employment hopefuls should use the downtime to personal advantage and consistently check in to show further interest.

Benefits of Working at Hallmark

A supportive corporate background provides crew members with exceptional work benefits plans. Qualified associates enjoy wide ranges of employment benefits, including financial planning assistance, such as tuition reimbursement and 401(k) retirement plans, in addition to health and wellness programs like medical coverage, prescription drug plans, ongoing education, employee assistance programs, and discounts at other major retailers or popular events.

Further Details on Hallmark

Hallmark maintains business operations as a socially conscious company and supports various causes through corporate and franchise philanthropy. Major benefactors of the retail chain include Human Rights Campaign, which awarded the greeting card company a perfect score as an equal opportunity employer based on the Corporate Equality Index survey. The company routinely hires members of all creeds and backgrounds and even received recognition for employing working mothers in 2011, as awarded by Working Mother Magazine, which operates a print and online publication out of New York City, NY, USA.


  • hannah says:

    Update for you guys, you only have to be 16 to work at Hallmark just found that out today!!!

  • Judith Amundson says:

    I worked with Hallmark as a sales lead representative. Left only due to moving. Loved the job and would like to continue employment with Hallmark.

  • Debbie says:

    I worked for Hallmark cards as a retail Merchandisor from 2014 thru 2020.
    Loved it . Only left due to health issues. I am healthy and would love love love to get back on

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