Hallmark Interview Questions & Tips

Differing Interview Types for Different Roles

The Hallmark hiring process proves a relatively easy way to find work in the retail industry. To begin the hiring process, applicants submit candidate information to a store manager either online or in-person. For positions like retail merchandiser and sales associate, the company uses face-to-face interviews featuring one-on-one formats with a hiring manager. The interview takes roughly 20 minutes and candidates potentially receive offers of employment at the conclusion of the sole meeting. Managerial applicants spend a little more time vying for jobs, with the average aspiring manager spending up to four weeks in the hiring process and participating in multiple job interviews. Formats used during managerial interviews include initial phone screenings and later in-person sessions.

A Variety of Questions to Answer

Interview questions entry-level applicants regularly respond to consist of: "What hours are you able to work?", "What days of the week can you work?", "What do you think are the differences between customer service and sales?", and "How long do you intend to work at Hallmark?" The basic questions used in entry-level job interviews screen for general interest in the position and often lead into dialogue about work environments and responsibilities. Hallmark interview questions typically evolve into more behavioral or situational prompts during managerial interviews. Examples of interview questions used during managerial hiring sessions may include: "Have you ever helped develop employees and how did you go about doing so?", "How would you handle an argument between two employees on the sales floor?", and "What is the most unethical experience you've ever had at a job?"

Personality Over Experience

Hallmark job interviews, regardless of position, typically take little time to complete. Managers invite candidates to the appropriate store and then take as much time as necessary to run through basic tenets of the job and interview questions to gauge personality and work ethics. The retailer regularly hires friendly and attentive individuals. Sales skills, while beneficial, do not prove absolutely necessary for employment consideration. Hiring staff consistently favors sound personalities and the ability to maintain a personable and professional attitude.


  • Kaylee says:

    I used to work at a Hallmark. They would not hire anyone that didn’t shake hands with the manager before and after the interview.

  • misss says:

    What is the question?

  • misss says:

    i suck at interviews because im always shy and not sure what to say back.

  • Sydney says:

    Help! Im so shy and not sure what to say! Its tomorrow!

  • Paula Clark says:

    I applied for a position in the field. I received an email that says get in touch with my supervisor since I am already an employee?! Please respond as to how I might go about acheiving a position with Hallmark. Thank you.

  • Samira says:

    I had a friend that worked at Hallmark so I was hired quickly but I worked there for a year and I know some of what they look for –

    If you have a resume, print it out and bring it. It shows professionalism and makes you look prepared.

    Hallmark teaches some of the highest levels of customer service I’ve seen in retail. Everything is about smiles, going above and beyond to help, and patience on your part. We rarely had someone upset with our service because we were all trained to greet the customer when they came in, ask if they need help, tell them to have a nice day, talk to them as you ring them up, drop everything for them, etc.

    So, for the interview –

    Be bright and smile a lot. Be outgoing and shake the interviewer’s hand. Listen if your interviewer tells you something, the way you would listen to a customer. Be genuine.

    If you know anything about Hallmark’s products, drop that into conversation if you can.

  • tee says:

    All you have to do is study! Go to the internet and search for interview questions and answers. You’ll do fine.

  • Hyeoncheol Jung says:

    Would this be a professional job where I would be making cards, or work the minimum wage? It’s not very clear.

  • Joe says:

    does anyone know if they do drug tests for the interviews?

  • Jade says:

    I just had an interview today at the Hallmark in Bayonne, NJ. What a horrible experience. The owner was the one who interviewed me. He brought me to an extremely messy corner of the store, was texting for more than half the time, focused mainly on my education background, didn’t seem to understand my simple answer for my availability, kept repeating questions because he wasn’t paying attention, said there was no dress code and then told me he didn’t like my piercings. He wasn’t interested in the interview at all. I could see my resume in his hands and it was crumpled. I was very embarrassed and felt like a child.

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