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Operating under the Party City corporate umbrella, seasonal retailer Halloween City provides customers with premiere costuming and party supplies experiences and maintains over 400 superstores across the continental United States. Applicants typically work in seasonal roles, though some positions may last for the entire calendar year in some capacity.

Facts About Working at Halloween City

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Halloween City?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Halloween City Job Opportunities

Halloween City utilizes customer service associates to assist customers making purchases, find special orders, and select appropriate accessories. The retailer trains employees to ascertain customer desires through inquiry, pulling multiple options, and listening to patron suggestions. Entry-level positions include cashiers, sales floor associates, dressing room attendants, and stock associates. All crew members should maintain positive outlooks, possess exceptional interpersonal skills, and flexible schedule options.

As a seasonal retail chain, Halloween City does not necessarily hire for long-term managers. Managers work seasonally as well, with invitations to return each year a possibility. Employees in supervisory roles typically travel to new stores to perform set up duties, hire new staff, and begin marketing campaigns. Managers must generally meet more stringent hiring conditions, possess at least three years in retail management, and high school diplomas to receive consideration for employment. Supervisor positions typically earn wages commensurate with industry standards regardless of store operation time.

Positions and Salary Information for Halloween City

In order to qualify for employment with the seasonal retailer, applicants must stand at least 16 years of age. Candidates for managerial positions typically require additional hiring conditions, such as a minimum of three years retail management experience and a high school diploma. Competitive wages, quality employee benefits, and flexible schedules remain readily available in the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates should convey friendly, outgoing, and customer-service oriented attitudes.
  • Primary responsibilities include assisting customers with purchases, answering patron questions, assisting with fitting rooms, and restocking merchandise.
  • Sales workers should show scheduling flexibility, with the capability to work nights and weekends, and both full- and part-time hours, if necessary.
  • Sales associates typically earn minimum wage but may earn up to $8.00 an hour.


  • Cashiers operate registers in order to itemize customer purchases, receive payment, and finalize sales.
  • Other responsibilities include processing special orders, assisting customers in finding merchandise, and assisting patrons in executing proper payment methods.
  • These team members should project friendly attitudes, helpful personalities, and spirited team work ethics.
  • Cashiers earn minimum hourly wage with the seasonal retailer.


  • The seasonal retail chain hires management staff to directly oversee junior-level employees.
  • Managers function in administrative roles overseeing operations, meeting store sales, labor, and profitability goals, and hiring, training, and coaching personnel.
  • Workers in supervisory roles also must open and close locations as needed, ensure customer happiness through purchases, returns, and exchanges, and keep subordinate crew member productive.
  • Managers must typically stand at least 18 years old, possess excellent communication, organization, and motivation skills, and hold previous retail management experience as well as high school diplomas.
  • Assistant managers earn $11.00 to $12.00 an hour, while store managers may earn up to $16.00 hourly wage.

Tips for Applying

Candidates may choose to apply either online or in person. Applying online allows job seekers to create profiles permitting candidates to search and submit to several openings at once. The application form includes basic background information, career experience, and a general assessment. Applicants should put aside at least 40 minutes to complete the entire assessment. Gathering all pertinent information ahead of time allows for a smoother process as well as eliminates any unintentional errors that may disqualify candidates for employment. When applying in person, applicants should write neatly, in either blue or black ink, including all relevant information.

Application Status

As a seasonal job, applicants may wish to start applying in the summer months in order to ensure hiring personnel know of interest in positions available as well as earning opportunities to start working as soon as possible. The seasonal retail chain remains a subsidiary of Party City, and applicants should check frequently with the specialty retailer for updates about hiring status, store openings, and positions available. Show genuine interest, turn in resumes, and inquire as frequently as possible, all while showing restraint and respect for hiring manager duties other than human resource decisions. If possible, ask hiring managers about the preferred timetable for recruitment in order to show open desire for current vacancies.

Benefits of Working at Halloween City

Halloween City offers employees fun, team-oriented, and fast-paced work environments. The retailer offers competitive pay, flexible hours, and paid training, as well. Team members often cite attractive employee discounts on costumes, supplies, and decorations. Other job benefits may include:

  • Insurance options
  • Health coverage, and
  • Employee assistance programs.

Long-term, full-time associates may enjoy retirement benefits, such as enrollment in company 401(k) plans, as well.

More Information on Halloween City

Halloween City operates as a one-stop shop for customer needs during the Halloween season. Customers may purchase a variety of costumes, accessories, party decorations, props, and other popular trends. Available items range children to adult costumes to the newest decorations to set the stage for parties, trick-or-treat, and decorating competitions. Employees at the store level typically work from August to November setting up the store, working through the holiday, and finally tearing down at the end of season. Additional opportunities may open up at parent store Party City or in traveling to other stores to perform similar tear down procedures.


  • Sasha says:

    Worked as a manager last year in California. Since it was the first year on the west coast there were a few bumps but in all the greatest job in the world! I had a ball and a great team and defiantly want to work here this year. It breaks down easy there is the General Manager who is full time and makes about 15 bucks an hour, Executive Assistant (Directly Under GM) works full time and makes about 13 bucks an hour, and the Assistant Manager (Directly Under EA) makes about 10 bucks an hour. The sales staff is ALL considered part time and make minimum wage. Don’t let the part time title sway you I had plenty of employees working 30+ hours a week. Really the way to get hours is to be available and work hard. Hope I helped

  • Karen says:

    I worked for Halloween City about 4 years ago, and I really enjoyed working there.

  • Irene Perez says:

    Worked with Halloween City for the last 2 seasons. Had a great time, yes there’s were a few bumps. We had a great team.

  • Joseph Jeffrey Toohey says:

    Friendly atmosphere. One of the best jobs I’ve ever worked.

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