Halloween City Job Interview Questions & Tips

Applying Typically Leads to Phone Interviews First

Halloween City, a subsidiary of Party City, offers seasonal employment to thousands of applicants September through late November every year. Job hopefuls generally complete hiring materials online during mid-summer. Hiring staff members look for applicants with passion for the Halloween season and all the festivities it entails. As hiring managers sift through applicants, eligible candidates undergo phone screening before setting face-to-face interviews onsite. Though phone screening seems like a formality, applicants should endeavor to make a good impression with managers as the phone conversation may lead to the next step of the hiring process.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Enthusiastic

Once candidates gain approval for one-on-one interviews, they should prepare for the meeting by researching company culture and reviewing work history. Applicants who demonstrate alignment with company vision and point to applicable skills for the job during the interview make good impressions on hiring staff. Halloween City requires employees to interact with customers in a knowledgeable and enthusiastic manner, helping them navigate the many costumes and accessories it boasts. Maintain a friendly and enthusiastic attitude during the interview, showing familiarity with products.

Dress Appropriately

Attend the interview dressed in business casual attire and on time. Applicants for seasonal, entry-level positions may send the wrong impression by dressing in overly formal clothing. Interview sessions take on a more casual question and answer format, touching on subjects of availability, job history, and especially personality. Seasonal applicants should communicate a fairly open schedule to gain employment consideration, as all team members are required to work some weekends during Halloween season.

Basic Interview Questions

Halloween City stores handle a high volume of merchandise and customers. Because of the large workload employees encounter, applicants may field inquiries like: "Give me an example where you were required to work under a lot of pressure," "How would you deal with multiple customers approaching you at the same time?", and "How would you approach a situation where a coworker wasn't pulling his/her weight on a consistent basis?"

Questions for Managerial Candidates

Managerial applicants at Halloween City are often hired from within. Hiring staff prefer upper-level candidates to have experience with previous Halloween seasons, proving they excel in high-stress environments. Upper management applicants may encounter some of the following questions during the job interview: "What is your loss prevention strategy?" and "What are three words that describe your leadership style?" Lower-level management applicants may field questions like, "Give an example of a time you defused a conflict between two associates," and "How do you like to be managed?" during the job interview.

Follow Up Later

All interviewees should thank hiring staff for the opportunity, and conclude the meeting with a firm handshake. Managerial candidates should express gratitude to Halloween City hiring personnel by sending them a personalized thank-you card. Candidates should follow up with the location of potential employment via telephone or email for a final hiring decision a few days after the interview.


  • Britt says:


    I was a Store Manager for a Michigan Halloween City last year. Halloween City usually conducts a phone interview 1st, and if they think you may be a good fit they then call you in. This saves our time, and your gas. Main concerns when interviewing applicants is #1, availability. Though we tend to average between 15-20 hours per week for each store associate, we need to know you can work when you say you can. Do you appear to LOVE halloween? Because if you don’t, the pace of the work, and the amount will burn you out within 2 weeks. Also, do you seem to be hesitant about working weekends? In October, every person will work at least 1 weekend day, no joke! If you are in love with the season, and want to apply, always go online right around July 1st, and keep checking because Store Managers are usually in their stores by the 3rd week of July. If you are around the Canton/Ann Arbor/Westland, Mi area and read this, ask your Store Manager if they posted here, you might just find me!


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