Hampton Inn Interview Questions & Tips

Basic Hiring Information

Prominent hotel chain Hampton Inn accepts applicants through walk-ins, paper hiring forms, and the online employment process accessible via the company website. The hiring process varies slightly across the network of more than 1,800 hotels, but most locations adhere to a fairly linear procedure of onboarding new associates. Applicants spend anywhere from a couple of days and up to several weeks taking part in job interviews, online assessments, and pre-hire screenings. Various locations drug test new workers and impose background and credit checks prior to formal hiring, as well.

Answering Interview Questions

Hotel industry job hopefuls looking for work as guest services agents, housekeepers, or maintenance crew generally spend a very short time participating in the Hampton Inn hiring process. The entry-level positions often require nothing formal in the way of screening, other than a single job interview with a potential supervisor. Hiring managers base most of their hiring decisions off of the hiring forms and online assessments and merely use the interview process to reaffirm information gathered during early screenings. Applicants may answer standard interview questions - like "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?" and "Do you respond well under pressure?" - to more elaborate and involved interview questions involving word and number associations, such as: "In this series of numbers, which number would likely follow?" and "What is a three-letter word for an automobile?"

Positive Attitudes and Flexibility in Scheduling

Interview questions are seemingly basic and simple, but applicants should take time to reflect on all Hampton Inn interview questions. The hotel chain uses the person-to-person interview process to gauge not only responses but reactions to questions, as well. Job hopefuls should exercise extreme professionalism at all times while showing good-natured and friendly attitudes. Many positions available at hotels involve direct contact with both guests and coworkers. Applicants should be able to work well with others and maintain positive attitudes regardless of workloads, shifts, or responsibilities. The hotel may require specific dress while on the job, but applicants may wear anything from acceptable casual clothing to full-on formalwear during the hiring process. Applicants going the extra mile to wear formal attire may gain additional hiring consideration.


  • ashanti smith says:

    could you be 16 and work for housekeeping at the hampton inn?

  • Alley says:

    No you have to be 18 they dont want to be responsible for under aged kids or teens.

  • Nate says:

    What does a Customer Service Representative do?

  • Kelly says:

    Do they drug test you when you get hired?

  • bates says:

    In order to get a job does your background have to be clean or just acceptable?

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