Hardee’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Hardee's

Most Hardee's applicants receive hiring consideration within a week of submitting the required information to begin the interview process. A hiring manager, typically a shift leader or assistant manager, contacts prospective employees to schedule job interviews after reviewing applicant information. The job interview process generally consists of a single face-to-face interview with a hiring manager. Depending on the volume of applicants, some locations conduct group interviews or panel interviews, though the fast food chain typically reserves group or panel interviews for rare occasions.

Answering Interview Questions

At the interview, applicants typically answer questions regarding previous work experience, job skills, availability, and desire to work for the company. Common interview questions include: "Why should Hardee's hire you?" and "How would you handle an angry customer?" Hardee's wants to ensure all workers handle stressful situations accordingly. The fast-paced nature of locations also requires employee resolve. If applicable, highlight instances where you exceeded expectations and expertly handled tense situations.

Exude Confidence and Act Accordingly

Hardee's employees must exude confidence and engage customers in a friendly and outgoing manner. Demonstrate a fun-loving and customer-oriented attitude to gain preferential treatment from hiring managers. Smile, dress business-casual, arrive on time, and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake. When the initial interview ends, workers may either gain employment or await word from a hiring manager on the status of the position.


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  • Tiffany Patowski says:

    I’m just wondering if Hardees requires drug screening for employment? I’m inquiring simply because my stepson, has told myself and his father, he got a job at Hardees and already passed his drug screen and starts next week. He has a history for not holding a job, or lying about getting the job at all, and I’ve never known Hardees to drug screen, so could someone help me out with this???lynn-hicks@

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    i’m looking for a job and was hoping that hardee’s might have an employee opening

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