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Are you someone that knows a lot about tools? Maybe you’re interested in lumber or other building materials. Whatever the case, employment at a hardware store may be the right place for you.

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Hardware Industry Hardware Retailing magazine’s 2013 Market Measure projects sales in the home improvement industry to grow by 5% in the near future. Demand stems from new construction projects, home renovations, and repairs. Development of new electronic tools and devices encourages more spending in the hardware sector, as well. Approximately 500,000 people currently hold jobs in the hardware industry.

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How to Get a Job at a Hardware Store Sales experience and interpersonal skills constitute an essential part of the job requirements, as employees must consistently interact with customers in a friendly manner while still illustrating the advantages and value of products. Familiarity with tools and typical construction projects also bears importance, as such workers stand more knowledgeable and able to provide better services. Physical stamina and strength benefit applicants, as hardware store job descriptions often comprise lifting heavy equipment, lumber, and building materials as well as helping customers load materials into cars or trucks. Some employers may prefer candidates with high school diplomas or equivalents, particularly for more technical sales or management positions.

Salary and Benefits According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, building material, garden equipment, and supplies dealers made a median hourly wage of $12.25 as of 2012, which favorably compares to the average $10.25 for retail professions in general. Supervisors in the industry typically earn closer to $20.00 hourly. Some hardware retail companies, including several of the largest corporations, provide life insurance and paid time off to full-time workers.

Popular Hardware Store Job Descriptions

Load/Unload Associate – An entry-level job commonly available within the hardware retail industry, the position of load/unload associate generally entails the completion of various tasks involving manual labor. Although load/unload associates often work under other job titles, depending on the hardware store, moving heavy items typically serves as the major responsibility of the position. Workers regularly provide assistance by carrying hefty or oversized merchandise for shoppers and loading purchased items into customer vehicles. Load/unload associates often collect shopping carts left in the parking lot, as well. Additional duties frequently include unloading inventory shipments, stocking items on the sales floor, and helping to build endcaps as well as other promotional displays. Though previous experience typically proves unnecessary, candidates seeking load/unload associate jobs need to remain capable of lifting heavy items repeatedly over the course of work shifts. Prospective associates must also feel comfortable using equipment like forklifts and ladders to load and unload merchandise. Hardware stores usually offer pay rates of $8.00 to $10.00 an hour to load/unload associates and employees with similar job titles.

Sales Associate – Responsible for promoting and selling the wide assortment of merchandise most hardware stores maintain, sales associates must display enthusiasm and product knowledge constantly while on the job. Daily tasks range from greeting customers on the sales floor and asking probing questions to describing product features and promoting the services offered by the store. Sales associates also explain how to complete DIY projects, monitor the availability of in-stock merchandise, and help keep the store clean and organized. The ideal sales associate regularly takes initiative and approaches shoppers readily to offer assistance. Due to the communication skills and selling abilities required of employees, sales positions typically demand a high school diploma and previous retail or customer service experience. Hardware sales associates usually work in specific store departments, such as flooring or paint, and must become extremely knowledgeable about the products and services offered within assigned sections. The job provides schedule flexibility, as employees frequently work different shifts from day to day. Sales associates employed by hardware stores generally earn between $11.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Cashier – Stationed at the frontend of hardware stores, cashiers perform tasks related to the processing and finalizing of sales. Cashier associates operate cash registers, collect and process payments, dispense receipts, and process returned items. The entry-level job involves standing for the majority of work shifts and makes an ideal occupation for inexperienced or first-time workers. Hardware store cashiers typically gain employment by being friendly, outgoing, and neatly groomed rather than by possessing prior work experience. However, the hardware retail industry usually imposes an age minimum of 18 and hires high school graduates to serve as cashiers. Employees in cashier positions regularly work a variety of shifts and generally make up to $10.00 or $11.00 hourly.