Harrah’s Casinos Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Operating under the Caesars Entertainment umbrella, Harrah's remains one of the most recognizable names in casinos since 1937. The chain offer locations growing through substantial expansion throughout the country. Roles continually open to join the industry leader.

Facts About Working at Harrah's Casinos

Hiring Age: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Harrah's Casinos?)

Available Positions: Casino Team Member, Card Dealer, Body Artist, Cabana Host, General Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Lifeguard, Massage Therapist, Nail Technician, Sales Associate, Bartender, Table Games Supervisor

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Harrah’s Casinos Job Opportunities

The casino industry regularly hires diverse staffs in order to fully operate the various aspects of successful locations. Many Harrah’s sites function as hotels, casinos, and restaurants, with a combination of casual eateries and five-star dining prevalent throughout certain locations. With such a distinct and assorted business model, the need for entry-level and career-minded individuals rises. Work as restaurant servers, bartenders, kitchen help, concierges, housekeepers, bellhops, valets, and cocktail servers exists for hire. Prior experience in similar industries, such as retail, hospitality, and the restaurant industry may prove beneficial though not exclusive to receiving hiring consideration.

Harrah’s directly hires candidates to fill roles within the casino focusing directly on customer service. The company typically remains open 24 hours at most locations, which requires employees to work varied shifts, assist patrons on the floor, work table games, and help schedule guest visits and tie-in promotional events. Specialized roles may require additional certifications or licensures in order to work on the casino floor, while other employment options may necessitate further trainings, often offered by the company. Employees must pass stringent criminal history checks and drug screenings before finalizing hiring decisions.

Harrah’s Positions and Salary Information

When applying for positions in the casino industry, age requirements may vary by state. In most cases, standing 18 years of age for positions off the casino gaming floor typically remains acceptable. Applicants must possess high school diplomas or GEDs, as well. For roles on the gaming floor, applicants must stand at least 21 years old in order to apply. The following positions remain accessible:

Table Games Dealer

  • Employees working as table games dealers must properly, courteously, and honorably interact with patrons on the gaming floor.
  • Table games dealers must remain knowledgeable of games played and impart useful direction when asked or as necessary to encourage game activity.
  • In addition, workers must exhibit upbeat and positive attitudes, maintaining outstanding interpersonal skills, genuine affinity for interacting with guests, and an inviting demeanor.
  • Other skills necessary include propensity for strong money-handling, including counting large sums and exchanging for casino chips, firm understanding of company policies, and appropriate discretion in identifying situations calling for management attention.
  • Table games dealers typically earn around $12.00 an hour and, depending on the location, receive tips, as well.

Cage Cashier

  • The most pressing duty for a cage cashier remains exchanging coins, cash, tokens, coupons, chips, and both personal and gaming checks.
  • Employees must provide prompt, courteous service to guests and remain responsible for funds entrusted during given shifts.
  • Other duties include processing jackpot payouts accordingly, completing necessary paperwork in timely fashions, and making decisions with a focus on company policies and expectations.
  • Cage cashiers may expect to work flexible schedules and generally earn between $12.00 and $13.00 hourly.

Casino Services Representative

  • Earning around $14.00 an hour and working both full- and part-time shifts, a casino services representative acts as the face of the Harrah’s brand.
  • Employees open new and verify existing accounts, provide customer information services to all patrons, assist in the implementation of casino promotions and other special events, and help greet and direct incoming clienteles.
  • A casino services representative also deals with all issues involving amenities, redeems coupons accordingly, and helps maintain accurate inventory and bank records.
  • Employees must also maintain clean environments, deliver outstanding service on a consistent basis, and observe company policies and appropriate laws.

Tips For Applying

The most commonly accepted form of applying remains online applications. Harrah’s allows for interested candidates to manage profiles, which typically include personal information, work and education histories, and the chance to upload resumes. In order to ensure provided information shows accurately and without error, candidates should gather hiring information before submitting applications. At certain locations, paper applications may still prove available for interested job seekers, as well.

Application Status

Returning applicants may continue to search available jobs through the online job portal. Once logged in, candidates may view recent job searches and application status of positions applied for. Aspirants may hear from recruiters within one to two weeks, depending on the amount of applications received for similar positions. Other options may include contacting the preferred locations of hire by phone, email, or visiting in person. For such options, ask for a hiring manager and inquire about job status directly and with courtesy for the time and duties of each manager.

Benefits of Working at Harrah’s

The casino industry leader offers employees excellent pay rates, various opportunities for advancement, and flexible scheduling. Additionally, eligible employees earn medical, dental, and vision coverage and may gain access to on-site health and wellness centers.

Associates may also earn:

  • Discounts on hotel accommodations,
  • Restaurants, and merchandise while working with the company.

Most full-time employees enjoy:

  • Retirement benefits
  • Such as enrollment in 401(k) plans, as well.

Additional Information about Harrah’s

Harrah’s offers guests unique and inclusive options when staying with the hotel and casino chain. The company caters to casual group outings, group business meeting places, and social events, including weddings. The casino company even offers an easy app for mobile and smart phones to help plan each visit for business or pleasure. Guests also enjoy enrollment in the Total Rewards program, offering points, member pricing, discounts, and other rewards just for staying with the casino.


  • Thomas Johnston says:

    I worked as a dealer in 1994 in Council Bluffs, I dealt everything except Roulette and craps.

  • Sarah Nyang says:

    Worked as a Dishwasher. Good fun experience in 1998 to 2003…

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