Harris Teeter Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter operates a food market chain with more than 220 locations in the southeastern quadrant of the United States. The supermarket company offers entry-level and managerial positions in retail store locations as well as careers in transportation, warehouse, and corporate contexts. Job candidates can apply online. The company website serves as an excellent resource for finding employment opportunities, as job openings list and update frequently. Applicants may find hiring forms to complete and submit directly on the site.

Typical Time Frames

After submission of necessary employment information, some applicants receive contact within a few days to schedule an interview. Potential Harris Teeter employees may want to get in touch with a customer service manager if an interview has not been scheduled within a week. Job interviews sometimes take place at third-party location. Employment hopefuls should arrive early to job interviews focused and ready to answer each interview question.

Interview Questions to Expect

Harris Teeter often hires applicants who have experience in customer service-related work environments. Typical interview questions include: "Have you ever worked in the grocery store or retail industry?", "In what areas would you like to improve?", and "What strengths do you possess that qualify you to work here?" Applicants may also take math skills assessments and drug tests before official hiring. Supermarket job seekers should prepare for each interview by reviewing company history, brushing up on math proficiency, and demonstrating readiness to engage with hiring representatives in a friendly, outgoing manner.

Managerial Hopefuls

Applicants looking for employment in corporate and managerial contexts may encounter longer and more intense sets of job interviews during the hiring process. Once hired, Harris Teeter provides excellent training programs for each managerial position. Multiple interviews typically prove necessary for corporate jobs, with the average applicant undergoing phone interviews and panel interviews in addition to one-to-one interviews.

Dress for Success

Interviewees who dress in professional attire attract positive attention from hiring personnel. Initiate handshakes before and after each meeting. Applicants vying for upper-level positions may even want to send thank-you cards to Harris Teeter human resources representatives expressing gratitude for the opportunity and enthusiasm about the potential hiring decision. The hiring process may take one to four weeks to complete. Stay positive and be sure to follow up with the hiring representative several days after the final interview.


  • Richard Ingram says:

    I really would like to pack grocery in bags at harris teeter. I have never interviewed anywhere before. Is the interview hard?

  • Ivette Gallegos says:

    I already have a job, but I want to work more hours. Harris teeter sounds like a good place to work. I hope they call me in for an interview.

  • Maia J. Dean says:

    What should I wear to the interview?

  • Jasmine says:

    Wear business casual clothing to the interview. Be very friendly and show the interviewer that you really want the job. Maybe tell him how you are interested in being a manager someday.

  • constance h lewis says:

    I am applying for a job as a Pharmacist, full time, part time, or floater. What should I expect in the Harris teeter interview? What kinds of questions?

  • Aly says:

    I am 95% sure that I am already hired! I got an e-mail about a week ago asking me to fill out the tax questions. I lost the e-mail and have no idea how to find this website!! Can anyone help me?

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