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Hawaiian Airlines serves as one of the largest airlines in the United States and the premiere carrier in Hawaii. With a flawless safety record and stringent customer service standards, the airlines earns esteem as a leader in the airline industry. To remain operating at such a high level, the airline needs top-quality talent to join the ranks.

Facts About Working at Hawaiian Airlines

Minimum Age to Work at Hawaiian Airlines: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Hawaiian Airlines?)

Hawaiian Airlines Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Hawaiian Airlines: Customer Service Representative, Ticket Sales Agent, Baggage Handler, Cargo Agent, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Catering Specialist, Station Manager, Administrative Assistant, Regulatory Airport Service Training Instructor, Pilot Instructor, Policies and Procedures Specialist, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Training Manager, Payroll Administrator, Marketing Analyst, Human Resources Analyst, Quality Assurance Specialist, Serviceman, Flight Operations Analyst, Technical Specialist, Aircraft Mechanic

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Hawaiian Airlines Job Opportunities

The popular airline strives to become the greatest destination carrier on the planet. To accomplish the goal, the airline focuses on the importance of people. Both the people the carrier serves and the people who make the company great remain essential to the business. The airline focuses on treating people right by living out core values of integrity, diversity, responsibility, teamwork, passion, and hospitality. Anyone seeking employment with the chain should exhibit company core values along with desires to achieve and excel.

The airline offers a wide range of careers through various areas of operations, with opportunities ranging from entry-level to professional. Jobs within the airline cover a wide range of skills, which makes working for the company ideal for nearly any individual with specific talents. Though in need of a diverse array of talents, the airline requires all associates share a combination of passion and hospitality uniquely described as the aloha spirit.

Hawaiian Airlines Positions and Salary Information

As with most airlines, Hawaiian sets the minimum hiring age at 18 years of age for available careers. Once hired on with the airline, workers enjoy industry-competitive pay and generous job benefits. The following list details the entry-level positions for hire within the airline and the corresponding pay workers receive:

Flight Attendant – The most sought after position in the airline, flight attendant allows associates to interact with people while seeing the world. Flight attendants carry a myriad of responsibilities, such as demonstrating safety procedures, assisting passages with luggage and seating, answering questions, and serving food and beverages. In emergency situations, flight attendants must follow company procedures to ensure passenger and crew safety. Prospective flight attendants need excellent attitudes and strong communication skills along with open availability. The airline requires flight attendants possess high school diplomas or equivalents and several years of customer service experience. Physical requirements include visions correctable to 20/50 or better and the ability to lift over 25 lbs. The airline also sets presentation requirements, which include professional grooming and no visible tattoos from the neck up, short sleeves down, and hemline down. The pay range for flight attendants begins at $20.00 and may lead to $40.00 an hour, which equals annual salary options in excess of $60,000 or more.

Customer Service Agent – A job for individuals who like interacting with people, a customer service agent works at the ticketing counter and provides superior customer service. Customer care duties include checking in passengers, assisting with baggage, and guiding travelers though the ticketing and reservation process. Additional duties include selling and placing reservations and assisting in locating lost or missing baggage. Customer service agents need strong guest service skills, patience, and the ability to work varying schedules. On average, customer service agents bring in about $11.50 per hour.

Ramp Agent – Ideal for individuals who enjoy physical labor and the chance to work outdoors, the ramp agent position involves loading and unloading baggage from planes. Specific responsibilities include tagging baggage, placing bags on conveyor belts, and operating loading trucks. Ramp agents must also clean and maintain the baggage compartments of aircraft regularly. Ramp agents may earn between $9.50 and $11.00 an hour.

Cleaner – A job for the neat and orderly, cleaner associates ensure the proper presentation and cleanliness of aircraft cabins. After flights, a cleaner must clear trash from seats, vacuum carpets, and sanitize bathrooms. Cleaners also need to properly stock cabin and crew supplies. Select full-time cleaners earn the responsibility of washing and polishing aircraft exteriors. Cleaners usually make between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour.

Tips for Applying

Hawaiian Airlines offers an online application process accessible through the Employment Opportunities section of the website. Job hopefuls not currently working for the company need to click the Jobs for External Applicants link to view current openings within the airline. Candidates in search of specific job titles may need to frequently visit the site in order to find postings for desired jobs. For example, recruiting for flight attendants only occurs about once or twice a year, and applicants must remain vigilant in order to find job openings. Individuals applying with the company for the first time need to create job profiles with usernames and passwords before proceeding to applications. When filling out applications, candidates usually need to provide information relevant to the job, such as years of experience and proficiency with certain tools or systems. Candidates should give truthful answers when responding to the required employment questions.

Application Status

The online job profile with the airline allows an applicant to check on the application status with ease. Candidates simply log into personal accounts through the employment page and click the View Application Status link. The next page shows the date the applicant applied for a position, the job code, the job title, and the status of the application. Immediately after submitting an application, the application status should appear as Application Received. As long as an application remains on file, status updates may be seen by logging into the job profile. Job hopefuls do not need to contact the company to inquire about the application standing, as contacting recruiters may prove difficult and unnecessary.

Hawaiian Airlines Employee Benefits

Hawaiian Airlines rewards eligible employees with generous work benefits. To start, associates may earn financial savings benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans and stock options. Qualified associates may access a host of wellness benefits, which include medical, dental, and prescription drug pans along with flexible spending programs. To improve quality of life, the airline offers floating holidays, sick leave, and vacation. All associates earn lucrative travel benefits the first day of work.

Other Information About Hawaiian Airlines

The airline began operations in 1929 under the name Inter-Island Airways Ltd. After rebranding to the current name in 1941, the airline saw steady year-over-year growth. Through quality amenities and industry-leading on-time performance, the airline soon became one of the largest, most well-recognized flyers in the United States. Hawaiian Airlines maintains headquarters in Honolulu, HI, which also serves as the location of the company international hub. The airline serves as a subsidiary to Hawaiian Holdings Inc., a publicly traded company represented on the NASDAQ as HA.

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