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How to Get a Job at Hawaiian Airlines

Candidates interviewing for Hawaiian Airlines jobs often start by participating in large group sessions. The initial group interview heavily emphasizes interactive team-building activities, like creating and describing a fictional airline brand. Applicants also answer individualized questions, such as "What makes you unique?," during group interviews. Job seekers applying for airline positions with multilingual hiring requirements must usually respond to questions using a second language, in addition to English. Following the group interview, the airline invites successful applicants to return for an additional round of job interviews.

Typical Interview Questions Asked

Often representing the final meeting in the hiring process, the second interview usually features a panel format. The panel of interviewers evaluates how candidates react to questions like, "How would you deal with a difficult passenger?" and "Describe a time when you made a mistake and explain how you handled it." While Hawaiian Airlines typically makes hiring decisions after the second interview session, certain job titles may require further interviewing. Applicants should maintain neatly groomed and professionally dressed appearances at all job interviews. Prospective airline employees should also observe proper interview etiquette by arriving reasonably early, smiling and making eye contact during the meeting with hiring personnel, and having a few relevant questions prepared beforehand to ask at the end of the session.

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  1. Irene Sallas

    How should I dress for an interview?

  2. June Misi

    I would dress up formal and get ready for the interview

  3. mj

    Went to interview for c/s agent language qualify (bilingual). 3 phases to interview, I made it to the last one, but didn’t get in. 1st phase-45 min. is a group “cattle call” luckily our group only had 6 people. we were sent into a room with 6 interviewers sitting behind a desk, we were sitting about 20 feet away in a row of chairs. As an ice breaker, they asked each of us our name, favorite restaurant and menu item in both languages. Then they split us up into 2 groups and had us pick a Disney character who we thought would be represent HA. We then had to explain why we chose that character and how he would be an asset to HA. That was pretty much the 1st phase. They thanked us for coming and that they would email us before the end of the day if we get called back. Got the email, scheduled for 2nd interview the next day (At airport, had to pay another $3.00 for parking). Interview went great, this time it was only 2 interviewers and me. short 15 min interview with 2 of the 6 interviewers from the previous day. They asked more detailed questions like how did I deal with an angry customer in my previous job in both languages, how would I assist a non English speaking customer in his language, It was very easy and interviewer were so nice. Got my email to schedule last interview, this time with 3 interviewers and me. At this point I’ve been driving to the airport 3 days in a row, and thinking I’ve got this. Why would they interview me again, if I didn’t get it, right? Wrong. This time the 15 min. interview was more detailed, the interviewers were from higher up in the company perhaps? The interview started out great, until they asked me why I wanted a part time minimum wage job when I qualify for a Manager position (I did this so that I had more flexibility w/ my son’s school schedule). I gave them my answer. Everything went smoothly. They thanked me with a big smile. I have no idea why I didn’t get that email later that evening. Seems they needed someone who was more “hungry” for that entry level position…Oh well. I tried. I still think highly of HA, they have a great group of friendly people…aka interviewers. Just don’t like the idea that I didn’t receive any email saying “ye” or “ne”….Kept me wondering the whole night:(

    As for wardrobe, make sure you wear something that you don’t feel embarrassed about sitting directly in front of them, they look at you head to toe. Room is air-conditioned and quite chilly so a blazer or cardigan sweater is a must. Look sharp and be confident. Ask questions, and remember their names!


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