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Ask Questions and Know the Brand

High-end fashion retailer Hermes boasts locations in almost every major city of the United States. The retailer looks for motivated employees with a passion for good style and a knack for providing excellent customer service. Job seekers request employment online or in-store, and hiring managers usually contact applicants within a few days to schedule face-to-face interviews. Job hopefuls should prepare to discuss employment history, career aspirations, availability, and knowledge of company products with hiring representatives. Applicants should also prepare questions to ask interviewers when given the opportunity to demonstrate interest in the company and desired position.

Common Interview Questions

On the day of the job interview, applicants should arrive on time and dressed in fashionable attire. Candidates showing an inherent fashion sensibility at the interview may gain preferential treatment from Hermes managers during the hiring process. Common questions and prompts posed at job interviews include, "Tell me about your history in retail," "What do you know about Hermes brands and products?" and "Are you able to work weekends?" While previous experience in the luxury retail industry is preferred, candidates with little history in this sector should speak to a background in customer service or Hermes product knowledge when given the opportunity. Applicants need to remain confident and friendly throughout the hiring process, showing desire to begin or further their career in the fashion industry. Hiring staff often give final employment decisions at the end of the interview. If the employment decision is withheld, contact the interviewer within three to four days to check on the status of the job opportunity.


  • Ann says:

    i had been asked questions such as why do I identify potential customers, what’s the most challenging part when you sell, why this company, what’s your career goal when interviewing at Louis Vuitton on 5th Ave. I’d like to know what other appropriate answers about the identifying potential customers and career goals?

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