hhgregg Interview Questions & Tips

Background Checks and Drug Screenings

A growing brand prominent throughout much of the eastern United States, hhgregg maintains just over 200 stores and employs roughly 6,700 associates. Due to rising popularity, locations regularly need to hire on staff. To gain access to available jobs, applicants must submit employment requests with the company either online or in-person at a store location. The hiring process then takes the form of simple, 1-on-1 interviews with existing managers. Some stores require background checks and drug screening as part of the interview process. Workers should prepare to sit through at least one interview and to take on additional steps, if necessary.

Basic Interview Questions to Expect

Basic formats of job interviews remain conversational and candid. The average job seeker spends around 20 to 30 minutes in each interview, though one interview often proves enough to determine candidate eligibility. The interview process features inquiries like, "Why do you want to work here?" and "What experience do you have with electronics?" Other hhgregg interview questions, like, "Can you name a time where you had a conflict with a coworker and how you solved the issue?" and "If a customer was asking you a question while you were ringing someone else out, what would be your next course of action?", represent typical behavior-based prompts hiring personnel use to gauge customer service skills.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Most applicants receive a hiring decision within a few days of completing all portions of the interview process. Positions like warehouse associate and managerial opportunities often require the completion of lengthy questionnaires in addition to job interviews to gain employment. The questionnaire features roughly 100 questions, which applicants answer via an online platform. Applicants should wear professional clothing to interviews. Speak enthusiastically and with confidence when responding to interview questions. Offering in-depth knowledge of electronics, including popular and quality brands, also benefits prospective workers.


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