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How to Get a Job at Hilton Hotels

As one of the most well-known hotel chains in the world, Hilton Hotels puts applicants through intensive yet relatively simple hiring processes to gain employment. Applicants typically fill out online hiring forms, which Hilton Hotels & Resorts representatives screen and then make final deliberations on as to eligible candidates to contact for job interviews. A HR representative generally makes first-contact with eligible workers by phone and uses the opportunity to interview the candidates on the spot.

Stages of the Interview Process

Hilton Hotels conducts phone interviews then lead candidates into face-to-face hiring sessions. The exact number of interviews encountered by job hopefuls varies anywhere from a single session up to five different interviews with hiring personnel. Between the initial phone interview and the first 1:1 interview, applicants may wait as long as two weeks to hear back from a hiring official. The hotel industry leader generally posts job vacancies on an as needed basis. As a company with thousands of locations around the world, job openings typically fill quickly or receive excellent responses from potential associates looking to join the team. Exercising promptness and returning phone calls immediately or as soon as possible definitely benefits prospective employees.

Typical Interview Questions to Expect

During job interviews, hiring representatives ask very straightforward and deliberate questions. A bellhop may encounter an interview question like: "If it was raining outside and someone needed to access their vehicle, how would you assist them?" Front desk agents vying for Hilton Hotels & Resorts jobs also field very specific interview questions, such as: "Can you name a time you had to rise above adversity?", "Do you consider yourself an honest person?", and "How important is it to anticipate guests needs?" And more labor-intensive positions, like housekeeping jobs, feature interview questions like: "Do you have any professional experience in cleaning?" and "Do you enjoy performing manual labor on a regular basis?" Interview questions also touch on subjects like availability, including working late nights and weekends, personal interests, and career aspirations.

Demonstrate Professionalism at All Times

The interview questions used during the hiring process work, in effort, to gauge applicant personalities given certain circumstances and situations. Hilton Hotels prefers to hire workers who exercise noticeable customer-oriented attitudes and acceptable ethics of behavior when dealing with the general public. Hilton maintains an international presence and hosts millions of guests each year. The hotel chain takes extreme pride in providing world-class accommodations. Professional demeanors almost stand as a sort of prerequisite to gaining employment. Workers must be willing to stay on task, assist others without question, coworker and guest alike, and follow company protocol and procedure at all times.

Research Company Values Beforehand

Wearing professional attire to every stage of the interview process best serves all applicants regardless of job title. Take advantage of every opportunity to further interview with staff and engage the prospective managers in candid yet formal and appropriate banter. Base all answers to interview questions on company values and expectations as an employee. The hiring process may take from a few days up to a few months, depending on the size of eligible applicant pools. Remain persistent and follow up with Hilton Hotels to all but ensure fair consideration during the interview process.

Hilton Hotels Interview Video

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Hilton Booking Agent: I worked for the Hilton reservation side of things. People called in the 1-800 number, and I would book worldwide, the whole chain of hotels – I guess they would call it the Hilton family of hotels. I took reservations. I probably spoke to 100 customers a day.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Hilton Booking Agent: With them, I was looking online through EDD’s website. They had a posting… Hilton posted something, and I basically drove over. First, I called, and they said, “We’re doing interviews.” So, I went to the call center, had only one interview. In about a couple of days, I got a call back. And then, when you get called back, you’re basically initiated for four weeks into a class to teach you how to take reservations over the phone. So, they go with the whole policies, procedures, how to use the computers, how to talk to customers. And then, by the last week, you go on the phones, and they start you off like that to get practice. And after that week, you’re officially an associate of Hilton.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Hilton Booking Agent: They did a basic, “Tell us a little about yourself. What jobs have you had?”, scenario things, like if you’ve ever had a problematic guest, what did you do, how did you handle it? Pretty generic stuff.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Hilton Booking Agent: Communicate with your supervisors as much as you can. Ask questions, like talk to the senior associates, talk to the new ones. Especially the senior ones, they’ve been there for a long time, and so they know their ins and outs of being in the call center environment.

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