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Hiring process information for an interview at Hobby Lobby

Getting Started

Hobby Lobby conducts hundreds of interviews every day to add employees to a workforce made up of more than 20,000 associates. For any individual considering employment with the specialty retail chain, performing well during the interview is essential. The retailer uses a multi-step interview process for hiring new workers. Applicants must pass all steps of the interview process in order to receive job offers.

Be Proactive from the Start

Prior to hiring, Hobby Lobby mandates that all job hopefuls submit the necessary employment forms. Stores usually select from about a half a dozen qualified candidates. Applicants must be proactive during the hiring process. Individuals who contact stores and ask about application or hiring status typically stand out more from other applicants. The first portion of the job interview mainly consists of a one-on-one session with a store manager, with additional steps to come after completion.

Show an Interest in the Industry

Standard retail industry questions comprise most of the job interview. These questions revolve around how to properly interact with customers, such as assisting shoppers, providing detailed advice, and solving any kind of discrepancy. Hypothetical in nature, applicants may be asked how they would respond to certain situations. Hobby Lobby candidates should also expect to answer questions regarding employee interaction and cooperation. Interviewers may also ask if the applicant is interested in arts and crafts activities and projects. While not essential, a general interest may increase hiring chances with the company.


Applicants who successfully pass the company job interview must undergo several additional steps for employment. Nearly every new hire must participate in a group orientation, which consists of several videos, training lectures, and probationary periods. Applicants are responsible for staying in touch with hiring personnel throughout the hiring process. Employees must be able to work without direct supervision, so individuals that possess self-reliance and work ethic will be the most sought-after by Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby Cutting Counter Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Hobby Lobby Employee: At Hobby Lobby, I worked at the cutting counter, which meant that when customers were finished with deciding which fabrics they wanted, they’d bring them up to me. I was in charge of helping them decide which yardage they needed, and cutting the fabric so that they could take that one piece up to the counter to purchase it.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Hobby Lobby Employee: That work environment was really nice. It was a little bit slow there, so it can be a little stifling sometimes. You only get a couple customer an hour. That’s also kind of a nice thing that you’re not being overwhelmed all of the time. Everyone there is really friendly and nice. It’s relaxed. They do have a specific way they want you to do things. “Please say this when you are checking somebody out. Please ask them what they’re doing.” That’s very important to them. There’s very specific question and answer responses when you are helping a customer, because they just want everything for the customer to have a good experience, and they want the cutting counter representative to show that Hobby Lobby is a good company, and they are really just helping you out.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Hobby Lobby Employee: Well I would show up, put all my stuff in a back office, which they would lock, so all my belongings were safe. I put on my apron, grab scissors, and when I worked there, they didn’t use a handheld device. It was all done on computer. And so you would sign in to the computer and get your scissors ready, measuring tapes. You get people asking, “Could you measure my arm or my leg?”, because it’s really hard to do that yourself. And people would just bring up their fabrics, ask you to cut them, sometimes they would ask for advice, like “Oh, do you think I need cotton or flannel for this project?” or “”Do you have a suggestion for a pattern for a backpack?” Things like that. Or they might say, “I really need some blue silk. Can you help me find the blue silk?” So, that was pretty much it. At the end of the day, you out everything back , and you go home.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Hobby Lobby Employee: I did have a bit of trouble getting an interview with them. I turned my application in and I had to be pretty persistent with getting the interview. I think I called them a couple of times, saying that I really want to work here, can you please give me an interview, or managers that will call back later. So, I definitely recommend for someone who wants to work there to really go for it, because of how the company is, they won’t go or you, and it’s nothing personal, it’s that they would rather, if someone comes to them, they’re really forceful about getting an interview, then they’re more likely for that person to get a job, whereas, if you just turned in an application and wait, it will probably get lost under stacks of other applications, whereas if you’re calling and going into that store, my interview I actually walked in one day and I was just already there, because I was buying other supplies, and I was dressed nicely, and I said “I turned in an application two weeks ago, I haven’t been able to get a hold of anybody, can I talk to someone about getting an interview. They said, “Well, our manager is here, he wants to talk to you in the backroom for a couple of minutes, we’ll see if he’s busy.” He wasn’t busy, so it wasn’t formally scheduled, it was kind of like spur of the moment. I was there, I was ready, and they interviewed me.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Hobby Lobby Employee: They ask what your job experience was. They asked about craft experience, if you were able to give advice and opinions to people – they were looking for that. They also asked about our loyalty to a company. They really like people that are looking for a long-term job, because there’s so much training that goes into this job with the cutting and how you use the machines and things. They don’t want someone who, except for their seasonal employees, who are going to leave in a couple months, they’re looking for someone who is going to be there long-term, so that’s something they’ll ask, “How do you plan for the next two years of your life? Will you be able to commit to this job?” And the people that can commit, they really appreciate.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Hobby Lobby Employee: My main advice would just be to be persistent, and I don’t want to say get in their faces, but definitely go in there, make your face known, and maybe if you can’t get an interview right away, go and shop in the store, and just by returning, they’ll recognize your face and, “Oh, we see this person a lot. Obviously, they’re crafted, they’re interested in what we’re doing, so maybe by hiring them, it’ll be good for us, because they know about the store.” And if you can tell them the layout of the store, because it’s so large, and there is such a variety of things, that’s definitely, “Oh, I know that fabric is in the left corner, and the canvases are in the right corner. That’s definitely like a good sign that you know the store and that you know the company that you’re about to work for.

8 user comments:

  1. Sarah

    what do you suggest wearing to the hobby lobby job interview? I have an interview soon.

  2. Alex

    Basically all those questions but the three i’m most interested in is the questions, wear, and payment rate.

  3. Diana Deese

    Consider what you do. Always look as professional as possible, yet casual in this environment.
    Rate of pay would be entry level, I would think you could expect a raise after proving yourself in the area you were hired for. Evaluation would be necessary.

  4. linda

    Sarah: goodluck on your interview!. I have been looking and going to job fairs and on referrals, I am gonna apply for the job, been out of work for less than a year.If I do not get a job I’m going to relocation, please don’t ask me where ,only I will know.

  5. Nicole

    I can’t seem to find the job application on here. Would it be better if i actually went into Hobby Lobby and asked for an application there? I live nearby one and art is one of my best aspects so i really hope that it all works out. I’m just looking for a part-time job for the summer but I could probably still continue it during my senior year in high school. Any good hints to help me out at all would be appreciated. ^ ^

  6. kay

    The above answers are correct, dress nice, smile, eye contact, and confidence. You do not have to bring anything with you to an interview. They usually prefer an applicant 16 years old and older. You have to fill out an application in-store and if you want, ask to turn it in to a manager (if they’re available) and speak to them briefly about getting a job there and why. The manager being able to see you before an actual interview will allow them to get a little idea of how you are, not just on paper but how you present yourself which may give you a little advantage. The pay may vary from city/state but for Texas part-timers get paid $9.00hr and full-timers $13.00hr. They usually hire you as part-time first and if you do a good job and it is needed, then they will make you full-time. If you are applying to be a cashier, they will give you a little math test (no calculators). A drug test will not be taken but if they do suspect you are using they will give you a drug test once you are hired and may possibly do random drug tests. They may ask questions such as:
    What is your weakness/strength?
    Why do you want to work for Hobby Lobby?
    How long do you plan on working here?
    What are your hobbies?
    How would you handle upset customers? etc.

    Hope this was helpful. Again, every store may vary.

  7. Samantha Lee

    How old are you to get hired on?

  8. Kat

    Is it required that you do a phone interview before having a face-to-face interview? I’m trying to get my first job ever so I’m not sure if all stores do it. Thanks to whoever answers.


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