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Holland America operates an international cruise line offering more than a dozen destinations and 15 luxury vessels. The renowned travel company provides employment opportunities onboard ships and in corporate capacities. Applicants in search of constant travel may take interest in available jobs.

Facts About Working at Holland America Line

Hiring Age: 21 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Holland America Line?)

Available Positions: Crew Member, Deck Officer, Engine Officer, Airport Agent, Agency Specialist, Beverage Manager, Guest Relations Supervisor, Sous Chef, Guest Entertainer, Technician, Musician, Clergy, Cruise Director, Youth Staff, Guest Speaker, Physician, Nurse, Cellar Master, International Concierge, Gift Shop Clerk, Gift Shop Cashier, Gift Shop Sales Associate, Business Analyst, Wait Help, Server, Sales Coordinator, Room Attendant, Prep Cook, Pier Agent, Piano Player, Night Auditor, Dishwasher, Houseperson, Desk Clerk, Bartender, Janitor, Host/Hostess, Housekeeper, Security Guard, Carpet Shampooer, Inspector/Inspectress

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Holland America Job Opportunities

The ships used in the Holland America fleet accommodate anywhere between 800 and 2,100 passengers. Most voyages require crews mirroring passenger loads 1:1. The necessity for large scores of associates to carry out entry-level, remedial, and crucial onboard operations facilitates the hiring of thousands of new employees annually. Turnover rates due to the extreme travel demands required of workers aboard company cruise liners also serve as major reasons for continued hiring. The prominent seaborne passenger line also experiences regular turnover due to employee advancement into professional roles within the company.

Applicants must feel comfortable working in tight quarters for extended periods of time. Ships often remain at sea for months at a time before returning back to original port. Each vessel requires 24-hour service and upkeep while deployed, as well. Workers often assume varying and irregular schedules, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Customer service skills and strong work ethics represent highly sought-after traits in potential associates. CPR and other emergency-impact certifications may prove necessary for employment in addition to background checks and drug screening.

Holland America Jobs and Salary Information

Due to the rigorous responsibilities and work environments associated with Holland America jobs, the ocean liner maintains strict policies limiting employment to individuals 21 and over. Positions generally include extensive and ongoing paid training, competitive base pay and salary options, and room for career advancement. The cruise line continually hires for the following positions:

Junior Housekeeper

  • A job title requiring little experience or qualifications, the position of junior housekeeper features work primarily concerned with cleaning and maintaining orderly staterooms.
  • Additional responsibilities include taking supply inventories, inspecting ship corridors, and interacting with patrons in respectful, professional manners.
  • Self-starting, thorough, and detail-oriented individuals usually perform well in junior housekeeper positions.
  • Diligent and trustworthy candidates also receive preferential treatment for employment.
  • The entry-level job pays between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour, on average.

Sales Staff

  • The land-based opportunities available in sales require no formal education qualification for employment consideration.
  • However, applicants must possess prior work histories in sales or customer service.
  • Job duties range from explaining services to potential passengers and selling cruise line packages to developing informational packets, guiding tours of ships at port, and maintaining sales records.
  • Use of computers plays heavily into daily responsibilities.
  • Applicant should also possess highly flexible schedules, as hours fluctuate based on travel seasons.
  • Multilingual candidates stand out among applicant pools, as well.
  • Sales staff employees may make anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 annual salary upon hire.


  • Applicants with artistic abilities may find work as onboard entertainers.
  • Job titles falling under the broad category of entertainment include piano bar players, full bands, theatrical performers, singers, clergy, and guest speakers.
  • The cruise line hires entertainment on a rotational basis.
  • Most entertainers work under short-term contractual agreements; however, some specific roles may offer full-time job status.
  • Candidates must submit professional demos to hiring personnel and provide proof of up to five years of experience as entertainers in the desired roles.
  • The ability to speak fluent English usually influences overall hiring decisions in addition to the need for large repertoires of material.
  • Entertainers work highly varying schedules and may incur large amounts of downtime in between acts.
  • Professional demeanors on and offstage serves as major selling points for hire.
  • Pay scales vary based on skill sets, experience, and popularity among passenger.
  • A typical entertainer makes between $3,000 and $4,000 a month.

Cruise Director

  • Holland America cruise director must organize all onboard entertainment for the cruise ship.
  • Directors schedule shows, events, venues, and other special services.
  • Cruise directors with Holland America must monitor permanent entertainment staff members as well as negotiate with contract or temporary entertainers.
  • Job duties may require some design and marketing, as cruise directors regularly create signage for scheduled events.
  • Two years of experience, sound organizational skills, and Microsoft Office proficiency represents crucial traits of potential hires.

Gift Shop Associate

  • Gift shop associates offer a variety of knickknacks and memorabilia to cruise ship guests.
  • Workers must feel comfortable talking and interacting with a wide variety of customers.
  • Many gift shop employees take advantage of sales commissions.
  • In addition to making sales, Holland America gift shop associates must stock supplies and order products for the cruise ship.
  • Experience using cash registers or working in retail sales settings often benefits applicants.

Security Guard

  • Holland America security guards ensure customer safety on cruise ships.
  • Security guards often work both day and night shifts.
  • Being on a cruise ship, security personnel must handle pressure well and keep order among cruise ship guests in tight situations.
  • The cruise ship line generally prefers applicants with previous experience in security or law enforcement.
  • Applicants may need to pass background checks and hold licenses to possess fire arms.

Tips For Applying

Workers should show exceptional hospitality skills to receive consideration for a majority of positions available. During the hiring process, applicants should exude cordial, friendly, and energetic personalities. Some careers may require special abilities and certifications. Applicants should ready materials before submitting employment forms to expedite the process. Lack of organization may cost job hopefuls critical review due to the sheer volumes of applications the cruise line receives on a regular basis.

Application Status

In order to apply for Holland America cruise jobs, workers must fill out hiring forms online, including submissions of resumes and cover letters. The cruise line regularly contacts prospective employees a few days after receiving materials. Some applicants wait as little as a week to hear back from the passenger line. Phone calls serve as the primary means of contact between managers and applicants. Workers who receive no formal contact after submitting application forms may call or email human resources representatives to check on job vacancies. Follow-up contact should remain brief and polite, as recruitment personnel may possess limited downtime due to daily responsibilities.

Benefits of Working for Holland American

The international cruise line offers employees regular travel. Room and board often factor into typical job benefits packages, as many associates spends weeks or months at sea. Full-time employees may also qualify for financial planning work benefits like 401(k) retirement plans and performance-based bonus incentives. Cruise line staff also regularly receive:

  • Healthcare insurance,
  • Life insurance, and paid time off.

Job benefits packages often vary with experience.

Additional Information on Holland America

Holland America provides reduced-fare travel packages to non-profit organizations. The specialized packages often feature hundreds of dollars off weekly rates. Nonprofits regularly raffle off or award the reduced-rate packages at special events. The act serves as one of many ways the cruise line participates in charity in addition to monetary donations or fundraising carried out aboard ships while at sea. Proceeds often benefit American Cancer Society and Cancer Research UK efforts.


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