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Mainly serving the Central, Southeastern, and Midwestern United States, USF Holland remains a growing provider of trucking jobs. Pulling from various fields like customer service and sales, the delivery service needs job hopefuls from a variety of backgrounds to join the staff.

Facts About Working at USF Holland

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Holland USF?)

Available Positions: Truck Driver, Dock Worker, Dispatcher, Owner-Operator, Equipment Services Specialist, Facilities Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

USF Holland Job Opportunities

Individuals filling driving, sales, office work, dock work, and managerial positions must collaborate to efficiently deliver goods cross-country. The trucking company operates over 50 service centers in 12 states and two Canadian provinces. As USF Holland grows, the need for individuals with many different educational backgrounds and practical work experiences to staff offices, docks, and drive trucks also rises. Certain positions with the delivery service require certification, education, or several years of experience holding a similar position; however, many jobs remain accessible to individuals new to the field, as well. Candidates who value efficiency and work well in teams may gain preference during the hiring process.

USF Holland remains a place for individuals seeking entry-level work as well as long and fulfilling careers. Diversified backgrounds in industries such as retail and sales, engineering, and mechanics, as well as office settings, sanitation, and as laborers or material movers, may prove assets to the trucking company. Additionally, career-oriented job hopefuls without experience or necessary certifications may find entry-level work with the delivery service and work toward promotion. The employer provides staff with plentiful opportunities for growth, with regular performance assessments often leading to raises or even promotions.

USF Holland Positions and Salary Information

Interested candidates should stand at least 18 years of age to apply for a position with the trucking company. Due to the irregular schedules and taxing labor required to fill many entry-level positions, USF Holland experiences a healthy rate of turnover, which leaves many positions often available. A few of the easily accessible jobs include:


  • Available in regional and local capacities, individuals interested in driving positions must obtain special commercial driver’s licenses or CDLs.
  • Candidates with open availability fare better as drivers, as individuals in regional trucking positions may embark on trips lasting a week at a time.
  • Other requirements include driving experience equating to one year or 50,000 miles, a driving record free of DUI or DWI charges, no major accidents, and the ability to pass a drug test.
  • Once hired, drivers operate assigned vehicles in various settings and weather conditions, load and unload materials, coordinate with the dispatcher to ensure maximum traveling efficiency, inspect vehicles before and after trips, and maintain trucking logs.
  • Drivers earn annual salary packages of about $72,000.

Dock Worker

  • An ideal job for college and university students, dock workers tend to perform shifts which last no longer than four hours at a time.
  • Usually required five days a week, interested individuals should possess early morning and evening availability.
  • Dock work does not necessitate any previous experience. However, knowledge of forklift operation may afford applicants preference during the screening process.
  • Basic duties prescribed to the position include loading and unloading heavy cargo from truck beds, meeting safety measures, and maintaining the organization of storage facilities.
  • Additionally, prospective dock workers must pass drug tests and other pre-employment screenings and assessments.
  • The position garners pay of about $12.00 to $13.00 an hour.

Tips For Applying

Individuals interested in applying for positions with USF Holland maintain the option of using the online job browsing system or turning in a paper application. To submit an application online, candidates must create profiles via the platform and upload resumes. Applicants should always review resumes for any mistakes before posting. Tailoring language used in the employment document to positions and highlighting relevant attributes and past work experience remain effective ways to catch the attention of hiring personnel. When submitting applications in person, individuals should bring copies of updated resumes and dress professionally as on-the-spot interviews may occur.

Application Status

The response time of USF Holland greatly depends on the position. If applicants do not hear back from hiring personnel within three weeks to a month, calling to check on the status of applications submitted remains in the best interest of job hopefuls. The most effective ways to reach out to hiring managers include calling stores, conducting in-person visits, and emailing the company. To show respect for the time of managers, applicants should call and visit during traditionally slow business periods. Always use polite language and exude professionalism whenever possible.

Benefits of Working at USF Holland

As a growing company, USF Holland continues to offer employees new and improved work benefit packages. The employment benefits for which staff members qualify depends on individual statuses as full- or part-time associates and job title assumed. The most commonly offered job benefits include:

  • Medical insurance covering dental and vision
  • Dependent care
  • Pension plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Vacation time
  • Sick days, and
  • Employee discounts.

More Information on USF Holland

One component of the trucking delivery service remains the Holland Company Store. Items imprinted with the company logo remain available for various aspects of life. The apparel section of the store sells shirts, jackets, and polo shirts. The store also features a selection of baseball caps, fleece headbands, beanies, and scarves available in the bright orange color often associated with USF Holland. Miscellaneous items, such as lunchboxes, pens, portfolios, golf balls, and watches, exist for purchase, as well.

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