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Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Home Depot operates as a big-box home improvement chain. It's one of the largest retailers in the world, with over 2,000 locations.

Facts About Working at The Home Depot

Minimum Age to Work at The Home Depot: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Home Depot?)

The Home Depot Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 6:00am-10:00pm, Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

Available Positions at The Home Depot: Cashier, department manager, freight associate, sales associate, store manager, tool rental technician

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Home Depot Employee Interview Videos

Listen to employees describe what it is like to work for Home Depot:

Job Opportunities at The Home Depot

No Experience Required
The retailer consistently hires workers who excel in fast-paced environments and enjoy working with the public. Most entry-level opportunities are perfect for applicants with little to no previous experience.

Moving Up the Ladder
Duties typically include stocking shelves, helping customers, and keeping work areas clean. Workers can earn additional responsibilities, titles, and pay over time.

Becoming a Manager
Store management roles usually require additional retail experience and education. Supervisors must have an understanding of daily operations and managing others. An extensive sales background is also necessary to qualify.

Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Home Depot hires felons, but this can depend on several factors. For example, more serious offenses may automatically disqualify some candidates. This retailer conducts background checks after the interview, so hopefuls should be honest with hiring managers. Those with a criminal record are not eligible for jobs in management or security.

Home Depot Positions and Salary Information

Applicants should have a high school diploma or GED when applying. While previous retail experience can help, most employees get full training for the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates assist customers by answering questions about merchandise.
  • Workers must be constantly moving and able to perform basic manual labor.
  • Employees should be kind, courteous, and patient at all times.
  • Sales associates typically work part-time and earn up to $11.00 an hour.
  • Read the Home Depot sales associate job description.


  • Employees provide customers with fast and friendly service.
  • Cashiers handle transactions
  • Typically work part-time hours
  • Typically earn around $9.00 per hour.
  • Review the Home Depot cashier job description.

Store Manager

  • Store managers supervise the sales team for great customer service.
  • Employees coordinate work schedules, department tasks, and company policies.
  • Managers handle finances and stock at the store.
  • Most work full-time and make an average salary of $90k per year.
  • Read the Home Depot manager job description.

Tool Rental Technician

  • Associates clean, inspect, and do basic maintenance on rental tools.
  • Previous experience working with machines is not required but can help job applicants stand out.
  • Tool rental technicians can make up $14.00 hourly.

Tips for Applying

Eligible candidates can fill out applications either online or in stores. The online application asks for personal information, education, and work experience. In order to speed the process up, gather all relevant materials ahead of time. Check over all phone numbers, contact names, and other information to ensure there are no errors or misspellings.

Application Status

Online applicants typically receive a verification email. Candidates wait a few days to as long as a week to hear back from hiring managers about interviews. Applicants can use the online career portal to check on current applications or should contact stores during slower hours.

Benefits of Working at Home Depot

Eligible employees may enjoy access to the following:

  • Medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Health savings accounts
  • 401(k) retirement plans

Paid time off for vacations, holidays, and personal days are also available to qualifying workers.

Additional Information about Home Depot

Established in 1999, The Homer Fund is a charitable organization used to help at-risk employees. The organization provides money for shelter, food, and clothes in case of natural disasters and other unforeseen expenses. Home Depot also uses the fund for grants and scholarships. Over $100 million has been granted to over 90,000 associates.



  • Allan W. says:

    Some have the requirement of a high school degree. Beyond that, the better people skills and tools knowledge you have, the better. Any special certifications you have can also help out big time.

  • Dimitroula Brown says:

    Yes I worked at home depot as cashier and head cashier I enjoyed my jobs.

  • Suresh k. neupane says:

    Yes, I worked at home depot as a cashier before. I enjoyed my jobs.

  • R. Escamilla) says:

    I worked Part-Time at Home Depot several years ago. At the time it was one of the two Houston stores that was open 24 hrs. I enjoyed it. I worked Inside/Outside
    Gardens and later transferred to Electrical/Light Cloud, it was Great !!

  • B. J. McWaters says:

    I worked at Home Depot part time for seven years. It is a great place to work, they are very customer friendly and employee friendly. I highly recommend Home Depot to anyone looking for a great place to work.

  • Tijwana Paige says:

    I worked for Home Depot from 2005 until 2014. It was a great experience learning the different departments . I worked as a Head Cashier, Cross Merchandiser, Garden, Paint, Electrical, Plumbing and Hardware. I enjoyed my time there and I value the friendships that came about.

  • Ted Garza says:

    Worked in the paint department. Best job I ever had

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