Honda Dealership Job Interview Questions & Tips

Common Jobs and Background Information

Honda uses a detailed and precise selection process to find quality employees. The car dealership examines candidates on professional, technical, and academic excellence as well as compatibility with company philosophies. Salesperson serves as a common job opportunity available at Honda dealerships. The auto dealer frequently conducts interviews to screen for bright and talented workers to fill salesperson jobs.

What Kinds of Interviews Should I Expect?

Salesperson interviews are usually held 1:1 with a sales manager. The Honda interview process generally starts out with a manager describing the job and Honda company culture. Hiring managers then ask common interview questions about sales and work experience. Some common inquiries sales associates encounter include: "Why do you want to sell cars?", "What sales techniques do you use?", "What motivates you?", and "Can you consistently meet your goals?" Sales managers may also look for proof of sales skills by requesting applicants to mock-sell office items like pens or chairs. In order to officially complete all phases of the Honda interview process, applicants may need to pass drug tests and driving record checks as well as acquiring sales licenses.

Respect, Teamwork, and Experience

The popular Japanese car company follows the philosophy of "respect for the individual." Candidates need to show respect to interviewers by arriving early, dressing in formal business attire, and acting with professionalism. Applicants need to show desire to exceed corporate and customer expectations. If possible, job hopefuls want to bring up past experiences where they met or surpassed goals. Commitment to teamwork also ranks as important at with the dealership, so candidates may also want to speak on past experiences working with others to accomplish tasks. Candidates looking for sales jobs do not need car sales experience, but previous sales experience may help candidacies. Honda often gives chances to applicants who show sales potential. Applicants vying for technical, service advisor, and management positions often need talk about relevant work experiences. Applicants want to speak favorably of all past employers. Interviewees need to demonstrate positive, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented attitudes throughout interviews.


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