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Houston's hires motivated applicants for work in upscale dining environments. The company normally staffs seasoned veterans of the restaurant industry; however, entry-level candidates find customer service and culinary jobs, as well. Hiring locations operate throughout the United States.

Facts About Working at Houston's

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Houston's?)

Available Positions: Greeter, Waiter, Waitress, Host, Hostess, Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Bartender

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Houston’s Job Opportunities

Featuring classy architecture, eye-catching artwork, and elegant ambiance, the restaurant creates atmospheres perfect for fine dining. Patrons enjoy high-quality American cuisine and attentive service while visiting Houston’s. To uphold the reputation for excellence, the company must maintain well-trained rosters of dedicated workers. Entry-level employment hopefuls may secure positions as servers, greeters, or kitchen staff and begin meaningful careers in the restaurant industry. Applicants with previous restaurant experience also find lucrative opportunities to advance career paths with the chain. The business hires managers and supervisors at various levels to keep operations running smoothly.

Though the company maintains a more select presence than comparable businesses, job seekers may still apply to any of the 19 locations of the restaurant chain. Houston’s restaurants largely operate in high-traffic urban areas. Employment opportunities exist in several major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, New York City, Memphis, and Kansas City. Applicants in said areas find work with the company on a regular basis.

Houston’s Employment and Salary Options

Job seekers typically must stand at least 18 years of age to apply for openings with Houston’s. Applicants for bar-related jobs must stand 21 years of age or older. Employment opportunities prove available in both full-time and part-time capacities with options for flexible scheduling and paid training readily accessible. The company needs to hire qualified candidates for the following positions:


  • Making about $12.50 per hour, greeters ensure guests feel welcome upon entering the restaurant.
  • Employees in the role greet customers, take and monitor reservations, inform incoming guests of current wait times, and lead patrons to seating areas.
  • Individuals with friendly smiles, confident demeanors, and positive attitudes generally prove the best candidates for Houston’s greeter jobs.
  • Aspirants with previous work history in the restaurant industry may receive further consideration for positions; however, employment opportunities prove accessible to job seekers with no prior experience.
  • Applicants with high school diplomas or GED equivalents may also gain favor during the hiring process.

Line Cook

  • Line cooks safely and efficiently prepare food to customer specifications.
  • Duties include accurately reading recipes, cutting, heating, cooking, and plating food, following directions from chefs and kitchen managers, and maintaining kitchen cleanliness.
  • Adherence to food safety protocol remains important, as well.
  • Employees must also stand comfortable working in environments of varying temperatures, as job duties range from labor over hot grill tops to finding ingredients in refrigerator and freezer areas.
  • The company generally prefers to hire candidates with previous restaurant experience or specialized culinary training.
  • Line cooks garner hourly wages of $13.50, on average.


  • Servers provide direct customer service to guests.
  • Responsibilities include accurately taking orders, refilling drinks, bringing plates to dining areas, and attentively addressing customer requests and needs.
  • Applicants must stand capable of prolonged physical activity, as employees remain standing and moving for whole shifts and carry food and drinks back and forth between the kitchens and the tables.
  • Though the chain typically gives preference to candidates with previous restaurant experience, entry-level job seekers may obtain jobs as servers, as well.
  • Servers normally start out earning the applicable minimum wage for tipped employees plus gratuities.

Tips For Applying

Wear business attire when visiting Houston’s restaurants to give positive impressions to managers and show understanding of corporate culture. Smiling and showing positive demeanors and friendly personality traits generally improves chances of obtaining work with the business. Company policy dictates candidates apply in person between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00pm. Alternatively, job seekers may contact management by phone and set up appointments to discuss potential employment. Candidates may apply by emailing cover letters and resumes to recruiters, as well. Recruiter email addresses stand listed on the company web page.

Application Status

Many employees report the company implements a longer hiring process than comparable businesses due to high staffing standards. Some candidates describe multiple interview processes taking as long as two to three months; however, some applicants convey receiving notice of hire within two weeks or less. Regardless of time, job seekers should remain patient and follow up on applications with phone calls, emails, and store visits as appropriate. Applicants typically benefit from making inquiries through the same medium as individuals submitted hiring forms through, as staffing managers stand more likely to reply.

Benefits of Working at Houston’s

Qualified Houston’s employees enjoy comprehensive employment benefits packages comparable to the accepted standards for the restaurant industry. Typical work benefits consist of health insurance coverage, including dental, vision, and disability plans, financial incentives, such as 401(k) retirement plans and attractive salary options, and paid time off. Associates may also prove eligible for advancement opportunities and pay raises with time and superior job performance. In addition, workers often receive meal discounts while on shift.

More Information on Houston’s

Launched in 1977, Houston’s Restaurants remain owned and operated by the Hillstone Restaurant Group. Other restaurants managed by the company include Gulfstream, Bandera, White House Tavern, and Rutherford Grill. The corporation maintains a unifying thread of superior quality throughout the diverse restaurant brands the business runs. Corporate headquarters stand in Beverly Hills, CA.

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