Houston’s Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect During the Houston's Interview Process

Houston's Restaurant retains an image of high-class American dining. The atmospheres and environments demand very specific types of employees with the proper combination of skills and personality. Food service jobs with the company include server, host, bartender, dishwasher, and manager. Most positions call for fairly standard job interview formats featuring typical questions related to scenarios faced in the restaurant industry as well as company-specific inquiries, such as menu items, restaurant hours, and sanitation standards. Applicants may prepare for the interview process by conducting some research on the restaurant chain and reviewing personal materials like resumes and work references, as well.

Basic Tips for Success

Hiring personnel usually act very cordial with interviewees and navigate interviews by conducting laid back question-and-answer sessions with candidates. Additional screening steps sometimes include skills assessments, which often consists of a basic math test. However, most Houston's interview questions cover employee essentials like availability, work ethics, reliable transportation, social skills, and personality. Applicants should show willingness to follow the dress code and appearance guidelines. To keep the process flowing, interviewees should feel free to ask about company values, job duties, work environment, and employer expectations.


  • katlyn says:

    i was asked to list 3 examples of excellent customer service

  • Brandon says:

    I’ve had my second interview and was told they’d contact me within 24 hours. When exactly should I expect to receive a call back for a third interview? Should I expect it the same day, or possibly the next day?

  • Jennifer says:

    Brandon, what did they ask you in the 2nd interview?

  • Joseph Lowman says:

    Did they drug test you?

    • Chrissy says:

      It means they didn’t hire you. I was informed by a Houston’s executive that when they say they’ll call you within 24 hours at any point in the interview it means they will not be calling you back. Most restaurants offer employment immediately if they want to bring you aboard so if you hear them say 24 hours they most likely went with someone else and was trying to transition professionally.

  • nahdeen says:

    Fyi, I’ve never had a restaurant drug test me. I also had 2nd interview at Houston’s and was told I’d hear something within 24hrs 🙂

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