Legal Age to Work in Alabama

Minimum Age to Work in AL

Alabama (AL) Quick Reference Table

Age Summary of Requirements
14-15 Employer must have a Class 1 work permit. Very limited on hours worked during the school year. Limited to retail, clerical, and child care occupations. May not work where alcohol is sold or served.
16-17 Employer must have Class 2 work permit. Cannot work after 10:00pm or before 5:00am. See the link below for prohibited occupations.
18-20 Must be 18 to work in establishments that sell or serve alcohol for consumption
21 Able to serve alcohol for consumption. No restrictions.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work in Alabama?

Alabama child labor laws allow teens to legally gain employment at 14 years old. However industry guidelines may prevent minors from obtaining certain jobs.

Alabama Child Labor Laws

In the state of Alabama, 14 and 15 year olds may only work between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm when school is in session. These teens can be on the clock for a total of 18 hours each week, performing for up to three hours on school days or eight hours a day on weekends. Minors ages 16 abd 17 have fewer restrictions on their daily work hours, but are prohibited from working before 5:00am or after 10:00pm during the school year.

Summer Jobs
When school is out, the hour restrictions for 14 and 15 year olds change. They may work as many as 40 hours every week without exceeding eight hours per shift or working past 9:00pm. At this stage, the law dictates that minors with summer jobs receive at least one day off and a 30 minute break during shifts featuring five hours of continuous work.

Alabama Work Permit Regulations

Alabama requires all minors to have work permits before gaining employment. In most case, students can get permit application forms from a school administrator or guidance counselor See the information below to learn how to get a work permit in the summer.

  • How to get a work permit during summer.

    • Find the “Eligibility to Work” and “Application for Child Labor Work Permit” forms on the Department of Labor website, or at the local board of education office.
    • Choose an employer with the proper Child Labor Certification
      • Class I Labor Certificate for employing minors aged 14 and 15
      • Class II Labor Certificate for employing minors aged 16 and 17
    • Complete all forms and submit to the Board of Education Issuing officer along with proof of age (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, etc).
      • The applicant and the potential employer must fill out all paperwork
      • If the applicant is under 16, their parent or guardian must fill out the “Parent/Legal Guardian Approval” section of the form
    • Based on the minor’s grades and attendance record, the issuing officer will sign and submit the documents to the Department of Labor.
    • Within roughly 48 hours, the state will approve the eligible minor’s application and send their work permit to their employer.

Once they receive their work permits, minors can begin the hiring process eith their prospective employer. This includes filling out an Employee Information form and a time sheet that charts the hours each minor works every week. The employer must file these documents and keep them on location at all times.

Jobs Available to Alabama Minors

There are a variety of jobs that teens can perform once they receive their work permits, though applicants must be aware of state regulations for their age group.  

The law prohibits minors under 16 from working construction, factory and warehouse jobs, as well as any other tasks that may pose a threat to their physical well-being. As such, only companies with a Class I Child Labor Certificate may hire young teens. Some Alabama jobs for 14 and 15 year olds include:

  • Grocery bagger
  • Ice cream scooper
  • Dishwasher/Busser
    • Only in restaurants where no alcohol is served
  • Youth Sports Assistant
  • Golf Course Caddy

People who are 16 and 17 have fewer job restrictions, though their employer must hold a Class II Child Labor Certificate. Positions for these teens include:

  • Restaurant employee
    • Only in restaurants where no alcohol is served
  • Retail worker
  • Cashier
  • Bookstore employee
  • Movie theater worker
  • Landscaping

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