How Old to Work at Burger King?

At What Age Does Burger King Hire?

While federal law allows 14 and 15 year olds to work in restaurants, child labor restrictions limit the types of food service tasks they can perform. As a result, most Burger King restaurants throughout the U.S. require applicants to be at least 16 years of age. Younger job seekers may need a work permit in order to gain employment at this establishment.

Teens who are reliable, trustworthy and highly motivated are likely candidates for hire. Regardless of experience.

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How Old Do I Have to be to Work at Burger King?:

  • Does Burger King Hire at 17? Yes. Seventeen-year-olds can get jobs at Burger King.
  • Does Burger King Hire at 16? Yes. Burger King hires minors who are 16.
  • Does Burger King Hire at 15? Yes. Certain states allow individuals under 16 to work at Burger King, as long as they have a work permit.
  •  Does Burger King Hire at 14? Yes. Fourteen-year-olds with employment certificates can perform non-hazardous restaurant tasks in some states.

Burger King generally hires interviewees on the spot, but applicants may have to wait up to two weeks before receiving an interview.

Available Entry-Level Positions

  • Team member – Youths working at Burger King may operate a number of stations depending on their age. Those who are 14 and 15 are unable to perform tasks that involve working with broilers, open flames and deep fryers. These young teens often operate the register or drive thru window, and handle the cleaning of the dining room. Older teens usually take on the jobs of preparing the food and taking inventory.


  • Jason Furlow says:

    I asked what age at a location in Elkhart and they said 17. Are they being biased, or is it different there? I was asking for my 15 year old daughter.

    • Ariana says:

      Yes, the age is different there because here down in Massachusetts you can be 15.

  • website_manager says:

    Burger King restaurants are franchised, and franchise owners may impose different age restrictions than the ones sent down from corporate.

  • Alexa martin says:

    Does Rochester Indiana Burger King hire at 14?

  • colin says:

    do they hire at 14 in rogersville tn

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