Medical Assistant Age Requirements

A role as a medical assistant is ideal for the type of person who wants a fulfilling and profitable career. Those still in high school and just graduated will need to meet certain educational, training, and even possibly age requirements if they want to get a job in the field.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Become a Medical Assistant?

While there is no national age requirement to be a medical assistant, some states do require that a person be at least 18 years of age before they’re able to gain employment in the field. It’s important to always check all state requirements before applying for a position.

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What is a Medical Assistant?

Depending on where they work, a medical assistant may have a variety of duties. Some medical assistants in smaller hospitals and doctor’s offices may complete administrative and clinical tasks, while medical assistants in larger facilities may specialize in one or the other.

A few job responsibilities that a medical assistant can have are:

  • Measure a patient’s vital signs
  • Assist doctors with patient exams
  • Prepare blood samples for testing
  • Explain treatments and procedures to patients
  • Enter the patient’s medical information into records
  • Answer phones
  • Schedule appointments
  • Fill out insurance forms
  • Handle bookkeeping and billing
  • Update a patient’s medical records

Becoming a Medical Assistant

If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, you will likely have to meet certain benchmarks before obtaining employment in a hospital, doctor’s office, or other healthcare facilities. Depending on your state, you may need to be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

Many employers will require you need to have post-secondary education, such as a diploma or certification. You can graduate with one of these from many local community colleges, trade schools, or vocational schools. Once you’ve met the educational and training requirements, you can begin applying for jobs in your state.

How Long is Medical Assistant Training?

The time it takes to become a medical assistant can depend on which route you choose. Some trade schools and post-secondary institutions offer certifications that you can typically complete in around one year. Meanwhile, some community colleges may offer associate degrees that will take two years to finish.

Some hospitals and other healthcare facilities may forgo the need for a post-secondary education and offer on-the-job training out of high school if a person has a diploma, GED, or equivalent.


By meeting your state’s education, training, and age requirements, you can begin your career helping others as a medical assistant. When applying for a position, always check the employer’s hiring requirements to ensure you meet all the criteria.