How Old to Work at Pizza Hut?

At What Age Does Pizza Hut Hire?

When looking for entry-level work in the food service industry, applicants often turn to Pizza Hut. The age at which Pizza Hut hires at generally varies by specific position. Fifteen-year-olds can wash dishes, bus tables and sweep and mop floors, while older minors can make food and handle pizza deliveries. Those looking for a management job must be at least 18.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Work at Pizza Hut?:

  • Does Pizza Hut Hire at 17?– Yes. Many seventeen-year-olds get jobs as cooks or delivery drivers at Pizza Hut.
  • Does Pizza Hut Hire at 16?– Yes. The general minimum age requirement for Pizza Hut employees is 16 years old.
  • Does Pizza Hut Hire at 15?– Yes. Some locations hire 15-year-olds for cashier, and cleaning jobs.
  • Does Pizza Hut Hire at 14?– No. Minors under 14 are unable to gain employment at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut Application

Hiring Process

Pizza Hut usually starts entry-level employees out between minimum wage and $10.00. The hiring process usually takes a few days to complete, though it may take longer if the store has a high volume of applicants. In most cases, hiring managers make their choice to bring on a candidate after only one or two meetings

Available Entry-Level Positions

  • Team Member – This catch-all term for Pizza Hut employees encompasses every entry-level job in a single location. Duties involve tasks such as opening and closing procedures, sweeping and mopping, preparing meals for patrons, ringing up purchases, and maintaining inventory. As long as they adhere to child labor laws regarding the types of tasks minors can perform, each worker may hold a variety of different positions each week. Team member jobs require fairly consistent interaction with guests, meaning workers.

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